DualShock 4 Now Available to Pre-Order

You can now pre-order any additional DualShock 4 controllers that you want to go along with your PlayStation 4. They’re available on Amazon at the hefty price of £54.99, which is actually more than the £54 RRP. Let’s hope they come down in price before release.

In the US, the controller is going for the RRP of $59.99, with three cents off that if you order from Amazon. What a saving! You may note that this is a bit cheaper than in the UK, but it’s the same for all hardware when you account for taxes, shipping costs and such.

Likewise, the PS4 camera can be pre-ordered for £44.99 via Amazon.co.uk, though curiously remains at $59.99 – the same price (and RRP) as the controller in the US – on Amazon.com.

These accessories currently come in “Jet Black”, which hints that there should be other colours on the way.



  1. Some online retailers are already dropping the price which is a good sign. I’d like to have at least 2 controllers simply for split-screen shenanigans, but with the high price I may not be able to straight away. I wonder if there will be third party controllers that work fine, although without the Move sensor thingy.

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