Rockstar Release A Dozen New GTA V Screens

As each new bit of information about GTA V news rolls out, the hype meter gradually builds. That meter just went up a little higher as Rockstar have released a dozen new screenshots for GTA V.

A quick study of the new screens show that gamers can probably expect to fly military choppers and private jets. It also looks like you will be able to skydive, and if you’re really feeling under the weather you can also roll round in an ATV in only your underwear – classy.


Check out the screenshots below.

GTA V releases on the 17th September for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Rockstar



  1. Meh. More screenshots, more nothing really. Sick of the trickle trickle gta hype crap. Release something worthwhile or stfu.

    Loved the GTA’s on the ps2, dunno, just over them this generation. Which is unfortunate as, considering rockstar north is a local company, I really should be supporting them.

    • Oh shit, let’s forget about the video they released quite recently showing off quite alot of the new gameplay mechanics and features!

      • I never forgot about that.
        But I’m personally sick of a trickle of screenshots between the “good” stuff just to try keep the hype train going.

        Either release something worthwhile or don’t bother.
        But hey, that’s my option. If you’re happy with screenshots good for you.

    • yeah…like release the game already, don’t bother trying to get it as perfect as you possibly can before release, nobody wants to see anything about this game, we didn’t want to see that epic trailer either, it’s just tedious trickle trickle for a game that is being promoted due to the fact it’ll be out in a couple of months, no game has ever promoted itself in this way ever before………ban all images I say…

      I like making pointless comments too.

      PS what the hell is going on with the TSA design…looks like someone fell over the keyboard and mouse…I guess “white space” is a term that no longer exists.

  2. A chinook? wow. I hate these picture releases to be honest, show us more gameplay, especially MP. That’s where I had most fun

  3. The helicopter in pic 7 looks really weird. Almost like the front end of a CH-53, but then then a tandem rotor variant. I guess they want to avoid copyright infringement, but then the helicopter in the background is almost unmistakably an AH-6 and the plane in pic 3 looks like a G5 or 6. Odd.

    (If it’s not obvious, flying around is what I’m looking forward to most in the game!)

    • The vehicles in gta have always been combinations of real world ones to avoid copyright and to fit into the satirical world.

      That policecar looks very close to a Crown Vic, but it’s gonna look different from the rear.

  4. Looks great. The gameplay video they released was quite in depth on alot of their new features and gameplay mechanics, so I’m pretty content with the amount of information from Rockstar for the forseeable future.

  5. I reckon that the screenshot of the chappy in his boxers on the ATV would get this page blocked if Mr Cameron’s filters were up and running.

  6. I’m looking forward to it, it looks like it might be the best GTA yet.

    • I hope so, we’ve been kept waiting a fair while for this.

  7. Loving the Love Fist shirt in pic 2.

  8. On the 4th screenshot I thought it was Max Payne!

  9. I’m so excited for this. High hopes.

  10. The amount of detail in the landscape:)
    Bar the mp details reveal, which was mentioned in the latest trailer, snippets like this are a bonus.
    My most anticipated game to date, in about 30yrs of gaming. TSA meets, with chinooks :) Wonder how many it holds? (I guess the tsa clan, setup in max payne 3, will be trans over & ready from the get go.)

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