Batman: Arkham Origins Will Feature Online Multiplayer

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that the third instalment in its Arkham series will come tagged with an all-new multiplayer mode.

Invisible Predator Online will borrow numerous elements from the similarly-named Arkham challenges, thrusting them into an online environment built for 3v3v2 combat.


So, how exactly does that work? Well, six players will take up arms against each other either as one Joker’s or Bane’s henchmen. Whilst the two warring factions take it out on each other, Batman and Robin will stalk the shadows, picking off stray gunmen one by one.

The mode is being developed by British studio, Splash Damage, the same team  behind 2011 shooter, Brink. Thug gameplay will be similar to that of any third person shooter whereas Batman and Robin play as they do in the game’s singleplayer campaign, complete with stealth takedowns and detective vision.

Its up to the caped crusader and his sidekick to take down as many villains as possible, gradually building a intimidation meter. All the while, thugs will be keeping one eye in the sky and the other on ground as they attempt to rack kills. After certain conditions are met, both the Joker and Bane will become playable for a short time as demonstrated in the trailer above.

It looks fairly chaotic though Splash Damage ensure the mode will create tension and fear, at least for those playing as criminal underlings.

We’ll have more on Arkham Origins as we approach its October launch date.



  1. Three sided, asymetric multiplayer? Sounds really interesting!

    • Sounds like a right-angled triangle to me.

  2. ill give it a try

  3. I don’t get this bit;
    “Its up to the caped crusader and his sidekick to take down as many villains as possible, gradually building a intimidation meter”

    This makes sense in the single player game, but surely how intimidated you are will be down to the player, no?

    Unless of course they are implementing some kind of hampering device where the character you have chosen simply wanders around without player input once the meter reaches the top until he is summarily dispatched!

    • You could do something pretty simple with decreasing weapon accuracy as intimidation increases.

      • i’m wondering how the hiding is going to work.
        i mean, unlike the myopic ai, players are going to see you swing away from your perch and know where you’ve gone.

        hiding in the darkness is one of Batman’s key tools in these games, take that away and you severely limit his options.

  4. I’m actually really interested in this. It could be great.

  5. wow, just what i’ve been waiting for for the Batman game.
    end sarcasm mode.

    will there at least be an option to play as Batgirl or Batwoman?

    and developed by Splash Damage?
    oh dear.

    guess Batgirl and/or Batwoman options are out the window then.

    bad news comes in threes, so i expect to hear the game will feature an online pass at some point.
    from the publisher who decided to cut out ten percent of the campaign last time around i’d expect nothing less.

    • Are we talking Kate Kane Batwoman, or a weird alt version? And which Batgirl?

      Regardless, I really dislike Batwoman, would much rather have Huntress in.

      • why are some of my comments not showing up here?

        is there a limit to the size of comments now?

    • my reply to Kris here isn’t showing up, not sure why, i tried reposting but it said it was a duplicate comment, but the original isn’t showing up.

      the reply i posted above worked.

      let’s try replying to myself.

      for a number of reasons, i’m a fan of the current Batwoman, Kate Kane.
      so i would like to see her, but then, given this is set earlier in Batman’s career, that might be an option.
      maybe they could go with the Kathy Kane version, though her character in the comics seemed to be mainly a love interest for Bruce.

      as for Batgirl, i think Barbara Gordon would be the best choice.
      it could be from her original run as Batgirl, before the Joker shot and crippled her.

      if Batwoman isn’t an option, Huntress would be a good alternate.
      she does have that cool crossbow pistol thing.
      and it might be interesting to add some real ranged attack options to the Batfamily side.

      • Must have been a keyword that the spam filter didn’t like, sorry about that.

    • no, that didn’t work either, is there something in my comment that’s setting off some kind of filter?

  6. Why on earth won’t they just make an online deathmatch mode with famous heroes and villians in an open world environment? That’s what I want anyway.

  7. As much as I hate tacked on multiplayer, this could be quite fun. The Batman games always seem to end a little before I am ready for them to as well, so any opportunity to prolonge the experience would be welcome. Like a virtual ball tug.

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