New Deep Down Information Shared By Capcom

Deep Down is a new IP and not just a tech demo, Capcom have clarified in an interview with Japanese site Game Watch. Initially rumoured to be a sequel to Capcom’s successful Dragon’s Dogma RPG, Deep Down is actually a title that is being developed using the developer’s new engine, Panta Rhei.

First off there was no information on whether Deep Down will be exclusive to the PS4 or go multiplatform. Deep Down may not even be the final name of the game. Engine wise Panta Rhei will be replacing Capcom’s MT Framework engine, used in titles like Dragon’s Dogma & Resident Evil 6,  due to how much more demanding the next generation will be.

According to the interview the tech demo ran steadily above 30 FPS, and showed up to 20 million polygons per frame. There were also a lot more technical terms mentioned in the interview, such as avoiding pop in by using Tasselation with Dynamic Level of Detail.

Other technical tidbits include the demo using Voxel Cone Tracing for the lights, and Tile Based Deferred Rendering being combined with Forward Rendering to make things look really nice. At least that is my understanding of that combination of words.

There isn’t any detail on when Deep Down will actually release, what platforms (though definitely next gen) or if that will even be the final name. However, a new IP is always welcome.

Source: Game Watch (via)


  1. Sounds good and I’m excited about it. I would still like another DD though.

  2. This is one of the few games the truly looks next gen.

  3. I’m most intrigued by the fact that it uses “tasselation”. I wasn’t aware that tassels were a particularly tricky problem to solve, but I’m glad the PS4 will be able to handle them with apparent ease.

    I’m also worried that this power to add tassels to just about any item of clothing (or indeed nipples) will be abused. Whatever happened to gameplay? Now it’s all fancy graphics and tassels.

    Can someone correct the spelling mistake in the article and (a) make my comment look weird and (b) stop me typing the word “tassels”?

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