Announcing Our PlayStation Vita & PS Plus Winner

At the beginning of the month we ran a competition with PriceSpyUK to win a PS Vita and 12 months of PS Plus. Now we’re excited to be able to announce the winner of this fantastic prize, which you can read on the Vita below!


Congratulations to mitchjay1992 and thanks to everyone who entered!

If you’re still in the competition mood, we’re giving away five codes for PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD on Vita – all you have to do is find Tikiman, who’s hidden in the image in the post.

We also have another competition coming up, which we’ll share the details of soon!



  1. Congrats mitchjay1992 – I hope you enjoy your prize!

    Nice handywork in what I assume is Paint Park ;)

  2. Congratulations mj92!

  3. Congrats!

  4. Congrats mitchjay1992!

    Don’t forget you intended doing another swag giveaway early this month tef! :)

    • I thought it was a WAG give away, I’m out!

  5. Congratulations! Great system to have on the go.

  6. Paint Park Plus we’ll have you know. Spent a good 3 minutes on that.

  7. Well done fella, great prize

  8. Well done good sir.

  9. Congratulations indeed mr mitchjay1992 ;)

  10. Thank you! ^_^

    I enter competitions never thinking I’ll win, so it’s nice that I have done, haha. It’s also nice I didn’t have to dress up in drag like the case has been with a previous Persona 4 Arena competition. :P

    This was a great thing to wake up to after an afternoon nap though! :)

    • afternoon nap….. you sir, are having a very good day!

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