The Last of Us DLC Details This Month

Naughty Dog seem to be following Irrational Games’ lead after BioShock’s DLC blowout this week, with Creative Director Neil Druckmann revealing in a Reddit Ask Me Anything that:

News is on the way about the first DLC drop. Should hear about it this month.

We already know that there will be a total of three packs included in the Season Pass – two of which are multiplayer focused and one which will be a new portion of story-centric single player goodness.


Perhaps I’m reading too much into another one of Druckmann’s comments, which is in reply to a commenter asking whether we’ll see more from Joel and Ellie’s Universe, stating that “no direction has been set yet for the next game.” But it sounds from that as though we’ll be seeing an entirely different story in the single player DLC.

Another plucky commenter also asked what Naughty Dog were working on for PS4, with Game Director Bruce Straley replying “what’s the PS4?” Perhaps we’ll find out at Gamescom?

Source: Reddit



  1. Just sold the game on. Not fussed about the MP DLC, but I’ll have to YouTube the single player one when it releases.

  2. Looking forward to the SP DLC…and to be fair, the MP is enjoyable so I’ll probably check that out too (it’s certainly the best and most balanced MP I’ve played for a long time).

    I’d like to see a sequel of TLoU, but perhaps completely new characters, allowing ND to come up with a completely new story (within the same crisis), but perhaps crossing paths with some of the NPC we’ve already met.

  3. They also mentioned that the “Ish” subplot seemed very popular so it’s possible tey might expand on that in the future.

    • Yep. Ish, please. The notes about him were fascinating to say the least. :-)

  4. I’d read somewhere that the DLC was going to show Tess’s backstory

  5. SOLD
    I love this game and the MP and I agree with Youles on the MP it is fun and well balanced.
    I hate DLC but I can break this a little for just this game only.

  6. “no direction has been set yet for the next game.”

    The way I understand it he was referring to Naughty Dog Team TLoU’s next game not the planned DLC. There have been no plans about their next project. They will decide about where to head next once the majority of the team is back from their vacation. It’s still undecided whether they will begin work on a sequel or an entirely new project.
    Source: Someone on GAF posted about it. I think it was based off some tweets or something like that.

    • i agree that the way he put it seemed like an intirely differant game, it could be a side plot dlc like FFXIII-2 sazh gambling thing or TLoU 2, im hoping 2.

  7. I’m surprised that it didn’t have as much story sections as UC1-2-3 but it was a neat game.

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