Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Videos Hit The Net

Videos from the new Battlefield 4 beta have started appearing on YouTube and the updated Frostbite 3 engine is certainly throwing a lot around the screen.


The video above shows off some of the knife combat and is not without a glitch or two, but this is a beta and no doubt DICE are working away, fixing the problems.

The second video at the bottom of the page shows the crumbling skyscraper first seen during the Battlefield 4 E3 presentation but this time the action is viewed from a boat in the harbour. The collapsing building is immensely impressive, the resulting small wave and rather comical bobbing of the boat, not so much.

I spent the weekend ploughing through Battlefield 3, courtesy of PlayStation Plus, and I am quite surprised just how much I am enjoying it, it’s certainly more realistic than the recent Call Of Duty titles. Battlefield 4 is slowly creeping up my list of “Day One” purchases for the PS4 – after Killzone, naturally.

Source: YouTube 1/2



  1. Hoping these videos aren’t removed by the time I get home.

  2. Are they shooting frickin’ lasers?

  3. That second video is bloody brilliant. Too many good looking games coming out this year!

  4. 720 knife kill, exclusive preorder bonus.

  5. I’m looking forward to this and will buy on launch if its out, which I’m sure it will be.

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