Nintendo Confirms The Wii U Isn’t Profitable

The Wii U isn’t the success that Nintendo were hoping for since the console launched last winter. Approximately 3.61 million units have sold worldwide in that time frame, and only 160,000 sold between April and June this year.

Now a representative for Nintendo has spoken to GamesIndustry and confirmed that the Wii U is still selling at a loss.


Originally this was the case in but software sales were supposed to offset that. However with publisher support being scarce on Nintendo’s console that probably isn’t the case. SEGA ‘s Jurgen Post has also said in an interview with MCV that the Wii U sales are a concern, and SEGA are releasing three exclusive Sonic games on the console.

You have to wonder what Nintendo’s long term strategy is for the Wii U. There are some exclusives out soon including The Wonderful 101, which Peter previewed, but without something like a new Mario Kart coming out soon then the Wii U looks like it will struggle.

Even when franchises such as Mario Kart and Legend Of Zelda arrive it may not guarantee success, especially with the launches of both Microsoft’s and Sony’s new consoles.

Source: GamesIndustry/ MCV



  1. I think Nintendo just thought people would buy the Wii U on the back of the Wii but without the proper advertising targeting parents it hasn’t worked. They need to make people aware this is new and better than the Wii.

  2. Long term plan… uh, profit off the 3DS, ride the back of the Wii, and release a small number of high quality first party titles to appease Nintendo veterans? The future of the Wii U does look somewhat bleak when it’s squaring up against MS and SONY. Time will tell.

  3. I have to say I didn’t expect it to sell a third of the original Wii.

    Personally, I think the largest group of people who bought the Wii were casual gamers who are not concerned in having the latest graphics. The Wii U is that: a graphical upgrade of a console that wasn’t about graphics, when it will be outstripped soon by the next generation consoles.

    • Spot on comment. Everyone I know with a Wii is as far from a regular gamer as you can get. I think the Wii sales boom was a one off as those buyers have no interest in another console that gets played once a year.

  4. Such a shame that the wii-u is struggling. Nintendo are easily my favourite of the three gaming companies but they have handled the wii-u terribly from a marketing and software perspective. They’ll turn it round im sure (especially now the larger titles are coming) but the wii-u could have been a huge success by now if handled better

  5. Nintendo’s last console? I think they’ll go the same way as sega.

  6. Wonder if Nintendo will look at ‘bothering’ to release another home console like the Wii U as it’s struggling, as did the Gamecube before it and the N64, whilst by far a failure, was’nt as big a seller as they might have hoped and instead just see handhelds as their future?

    The 3DS saw off the nay-sayers (ohhh it’s doomed, it’s all iOS and android devices for the kids these days), once Nintendo woke up and saw the 3D was’nt going to be the selling point, folk just wanted the killer games and with just one device to focus on, resources won’t be so stressed in terms of which teams work on what.

    Nintendo seem rather surprised at just how much work in terms of resources, is involved in making a 720P game, so i cannot seriousily see them saying, lets just see where Wii U goes, best get our 1080P console ready to roll sooner rather than later.

    Something like a higher than PS Vita screen handheld, but with improved battery life, could well be the next console we see from them.

  7. This is what happens when you court casuals, you can’t expect them to be repeat customers.
    Also poor branding, most people I know who got a wii (which now gathers dust) either don’t know about the wii u or think its a new control type like the wii fit.

    And I really don’t think a new Mario, Mario kart, Zelda or metroid is going to set sales alight either, it’s certainly not going to turn it into another wii which some people seem to expect.

  8. Nope, I can’t see anything saving it. Like the post above says, even when the big boys start releasing in terms of software it still won’t sell the system.
    The wii was successful because it was motion controlled, it offered something different, and something accessible to small children and grannies. The wii u is the opposite of that. Patents don’t want small children handling that second screen thing and it’s completely off putting for grannies. Couple all of that with zero marketing and it was never going to succeed.

  9. Still, should be able to pick a cheap one up with me Christmas money, so it’s not all bad news!

  10. Once premium hits £150 i’m buying :)

    • Obviously completely up to you but personally, speaking as someone who originally bought a white Wii-U, traded it and have since switched to the black model, I would go with the white one.
      The difference in storage is immaterial (you will need an external HDD regardless if you intend to download arcade games and DLC) and the white model doesn’t show up the finger prints anywhere near as bad.
      The only thing you would need to buy would be a sensor bar (unless you have an old Wii console) but Amazon sell those for around £2.

      • Sorry m8 I like my consoles like I like my Women – Sexy and Black :)

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