Could Amazon Be Developing Their Own Console?

Here’s a really interesting one, which should be marked purely as a rumour right now – it seems that some sort of Amazon console is on the way, with many tidbits of information popping up this morning.



News first spread from GameInformer, who were contacted by sources with an “interesting bit of news” stating that Amazon would be creating an Android-based console for release this year, perhaps to coincide with Black Friday sales.

Kotaku columnist supererogatory has kept us updated on twitter with a good deal of information, notably retweeting an Amazon App Store developer who suggests that their games are being asked to be updated with controller support in preparation for the console to have an “immediate library”.

Subsequent tweets reveal how Amazon have apparently been snapping up talent from elsewhere in the industry – “Apparently Amazon has been poaching MS talent to help build their platform’s games library.” – proving this with a LinkedIn account showing the move of David Holmes from Executive Producer at Microsoft Studios to the same role at Amazon Game Studios.

As well as this, it appears the previous CEO of Square Enix has made the move to Amazon, too, along with the Vice President of 3rd Party Development from Trion Worlds taking over the job of Director at the studio. And finally, the Manager of 343 Games and Director of Kinect has taken the role of Principal Developer Relations.

He also found a job opening for an artist at Amazon Game Studios which states that their “games span from real-time next gen graphics to pre-rendered assets.” That’s really interesting and makes it sound as if their system will be more than an Ouya-level Android machine.

It certainly looks as though Amazon are set to expand their role in the games industry, but what makes us think that it’s a new console? Well, first of all, this listing which a reference to “a new, unannounced consumer device” and secondly, this recruitment post which references a new product that “will be even bigger than Kindle.”

So it seems likely that Amazon could be releasing a quality Android-based console which will aim to become the next big thing, outselling the Kindle. If true, it would be a very brave move from the once bookstore.



  1. Wow… now this could be a VERY bold move.

    If they were to tie up all of their other offerings – LoveFiLM, Kindle and the whole Amazon Store – you have a pretty impressive device that would deliver Amazon straight to the living room.

    Kind of like a QVC box, that did streaming movies/tv, Amazon App Store for games and utilities, and synced with your Kindle (maybe even as a second screen).

    Get the price right and who wouldn’t want this?
    Would certainly blow both the Ouya and Apple TV out of the water, possibly crush the Wii U, and make the Xbox One look VERY overpriced to the average consumer.

  2. I bet the Ouya devs are pretty worried about this now. Could be interesting if it’s priced right, but I still don’t get the point of home consoles playing android mobile games. Maybe Amazon will add in extras so it could also be used for TV, Lovefilm etc, basically what MS are trying to do with the One.

  3. Ouya will become obsolete if this is true, I think. Could certainly be interesting against Apple too, if they can tie in the games with Android then ouch.

    • OUYA is already obsolete. It was before it was Kickstarted.

      • Why are you so down on Ouya. It’s a great device and does exactly what it promised it would.

  4. What ever happens i doubt ill be buying an Amazon console.

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