God of War Director Hints At “Crazy Announcement”

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation Blog today, as Cory Barlog, game director of God of War II has hinted that there will be a “crazy announcement” on his sparse twitter feed.

Barlog left Sony Santa Monica in 2010 during the development of God of War III, before heading to Crystal Dynamics in 2012 to work on the new Tomb Raider game.


He has since left Dynamics in April, with no word on what he has been doing since – could it be that he’s back at Sony Santa Monica, readying an announcement of a new God of War game?

We’ll find out soon – he tweeted at 5.30am UK time time this morning which, assuming he’s in the US, means it could have still been Thursday. And since the PlayStation Blog isn’t likely to post an announcement on the weekend, you can expect to hear something today.



  1. Heh. I always read his name as Balrog.

    • ah, I was going to say “well, isn’t it Balrog?” but then I checked… I’m still going with Balrog though :)

  2. With leaked shots of a Tomb Raider Xbox One box, this might as well be an announcement of Tomb Raider for the PS4. Apparently the next gen version comes with TressFX fancy hair mode.

    • But why would he announce something for a company his not working for anymore?

  3. Dog of Raw?

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