Competition: Picture This #2

The results are in for the first edition of Picture This, our latest competition series here at TSA. They paint a clear picture: the TSA community is full of sharp eyes. An impressive 14 of you scored full marks with the rest not far behind, considering the majority of entrants scored 17 or higher!

However, there could only be two prize winners this time, chosen from the draw by Congratulations go to matthewjrallen and slowman6, who both scored 20/20! Matthewjrallen was drawn first so he gets first pick of T-shirt size, with slowman6 earning the other. Keep an eye on your inbox, please.

The rest of you can check how you did, as the answers can be revealed by clicking this thumbnail:

Moving onto today’s competition, we have four Worms plushies up for grabs. There are two 4″ keyrings, so large that you’ll probably never lose your keys again, whilst the two larger Worms are about 5-6″.

Winners shall be chosen in the same manner as last time, with an entry into the draw being awarded for every 10 correct answers. First place wins a large and small Worm, second place chooses between large and small and third place will take home the fourth worm.


To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is identify the game or series by the style of font used in the game’s logo. I hope you all have as much fun solving this one as I did making it!

Get your entries in by 9PM on Friday 16th of August, because that’s when the competition closes, and we’ll reveal the winners next Saturday. The competition is open to members within the UK, and as always, our usual Terms & Conditions apply.

Don’t forget to click the image to view it at full size. Good luck!

Update: Due to feedback, we have added in an option in the form to tell us if you are entering to win the prizes or not. This way people who aren’t eligible to win the prizes, but still wish to enter, may do so.


Competition: Picture This 2
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  1. Awesome, another one! And this time, its alot harder to cheat, great work

  2. Binary Domain and Mad World were the two I didn’t get. I’ll be sure to have a go at this comp as well for fun :)

  3. I don’t understand… I got all 20 too.

    • NVM, I thought you said just those two got 20/20. Onto the next picture round it is!

      • Yeah, those two were drawn at random from all the entries. Just so happens that they managed to get 20/20. :)

  4. All TSA’s comps are so well done, it’s really too bad most are UK or Europe exclusive.

  5. This is well done, I think I know all of them but I’m not in the UK so I won’t bother filling the form.

  6. well, i was right about the ones i didn’t know last time.
    by which i mean i knew i’d gotten them wrong.

    i know i won’t win, i had no clue about three of them and and a couple i’m not sure about, though i’m pretty sure about the rest.
    anyway i have no doubt the more eagle eyed entrants will get them all, but regardless of my chances of winning, these are fun.

    i like quizzes. ^_^

    • Yeah, the idea is that people enter them for fun and the prizes are just a bonus :).

      • Hey, don’t forget bragging rights!

      • We’ve been toying with the idea of a leaderboard for the forums if people are interested?

  7. Ha! This is awesome. Will have a go later.

  8. Did the PixelJunk Monsters Spot The Tikiman competition get winners already too? I only ask because I recall doing them on the same day.

  9. Great comp 9 was tricky for me

    • 9 Was tricky < WHAT WAS I THINKING. Its probably only the font out of all of them ive stared at the most in my life! Grrrr I hate my brain. Can i Re-enter? lol

      • Yeah, re-entries are fine. Just enter like you did before and I’ll only count your latest entry.

  10. Noez! I want a plushie worm of destruction… ;_;
    The font competition is a very cool idea! Unfortunately I’m not living in the UK, so I’m not allowed to enter.
    I went through the list in my head just for kicks anyways. :)

    • We have updated the competition so that you can still enter even if you aren’t eligible for prizes :).

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