Rockstar’s Interactive GTA V Travelogue Brings Plenty Of New Information


If you can’t wait until September to get a closer look at Los Santos and Blaine County with GTA V, then do not worry – Rockstar have you sorted.


They’ve launched an information portal, in the guise of a travelogue, which shares a lot of information about the world of Grand Theft Auto V.

If you don’t feel like trawling through the wonderfully presented website, then summaries of the sections lie below:

  • Fast Cars at Your Fingertips: If you are ready to hit the highway in a sleek sports car or go off-roading in Blaine County in an SUV, avoid pushy salesmen and select from a stunning array of vehicular options online.
  • Thriving Economy & Commerce: Every day the stock exchange is minting millionaires who know how to play the market. Take your gains and invest in the volatile Los Santos commercial real estate market. To go big in this town, you just might need to buy a building.
  • Affordable Healthcare: Thanks to recent legislation, if you receive something as harmless as a scratch or as serious as a bullet wound, any of our state certified medical centers will patch you up and make sure the healthy bill is picked up by taxpayers.
  • Vehicular Customization Shops: Residents of Los Santos take great pride in their cars. They spend the majority of the day in them. When you’re ready to trick out your ride, visit LS Customs, because nothing says class like neon.
  • Shopping & Glamour: Tourists come from far and wide for the experience of Los Santos shopping. From the well-tailored jet-setter couture in the high-street shops of Rockford Hills to the disheveled and disaffected drug addict hipster vibe in Hawick, there’s a wide array of fashionable retail options for you.
  • Accessible Air Travel: A wide range of aircraft are available for your travel and aerial transport needs. Log onto and purchase luxury aircraft from the Luxor and Shamal jetliners to high-end helicopters and more.
  • Leadership You Can Trust: You’re arriving at quite an exciting time as our area is in the midst of the current gubernatorial race with Sue Murry running against conservative challenger and famous star of screen and TV, Jock Cranley.
  • Beaches & Watersports: Our coastal areas and beautiful lakes and rivers are a dream come true for those who crave aquatic adventure.
  • The Great Outdoors: Hunters and adventurers can find great sporting challenges across our vast Blaine County countryside. Bring a rifle to hunt for dangerous game, hike to the peak of the majestic Mount Chiliad, or hire a plane and parachute from on high.
  • Friendly Neighbors: The streets are alive with all kinds of characters who coordinate clothing colors and enjoy leisurely pursuits such as territory clashes and pharmaceutical commerce. Stop and chat with a member of The Epsilon Program for some enlightenment, or head to Blaine County, where they always extend a helping hand to outsiders.

There’s lots of information to digest here and it’s in quite a nicely presented format. It will also be updated soon with more information, so keep an eye out for that.

Don’t forget about the full multiplayer reveal on Thursday, either.



  1. Glad you’ve summed it up as all I get clicking on the link is a blank page.

    • Not just me then, I was thinking my web browser was on the blink for a minute.

    • Same here, I’m now getting a “Forbidden, you do not have access” message. Poor show.

    • Works fine for me from an iPad.

    • Works for me now.

  2. Kinda wish I didn’t cancel my pre-order earlier after seeing those cars and planes… :/

    • I’m waiting to hear if there’s any new info at Gamescom about other platforms and their release dates.

      • I’m still hanging on for the PS4 version to be announced, although in my heart I don’t believe it will happen.

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