Two Hilarious Videos Highlight GTA V’s Politics

Rockstar really seem to have kicked off their heavy marketing for GTA V this week, now releasing two Governer campaign videos revealing the two candidates in the running, who may have something to do with the plot of the game.

The first focuses on Jock Cranley and is a short but sweet video which reminds us that Saints Row isn’t the only series renowned for its humour a couple of hours before reviews for the fourth game in that series hit the web:


Sue Murry’s campaign is a rebuttal to Cranley’s and is perhaps even funnier, laden with subtle and blatant jokes throughout.

I certainly wouldn’t want to move to San Andreas any time soon, if one of these people will be running the county. Who would you vote for, if you had to?

Source: YouTube (1, 2), via VG24/7



  1. Most definitely Jock Cranley. Sue can suck my balls with those tax increases.

  2. Jock Cranley looks like Neil Hamilton lol

    • And Sue Murray looks like The Joker!

  3. Ha! love it 8 seconds in on Jocks video, the news paper article says he was throwing poo at Sue lol

  4. It would make a good mission if both candidates offered hits on the other candidate, so you could then chose who to kill and who would be elected, which could then have knock on effects within your game.
    Like Jock Cranley may reduce numbers of police etc, but Sue Murry would increase tolls, hospital bills, police fines etc.

  5. Every time there’s something like this released I get disappointed by how unfunny I find it nowadays. Don’t think I’ve actually laughed at something in a GTA game since the PS2 days. Oh well, game will still play great regardless.

    • I agree, I didn’t really find those videos particularly funny. I’m still not convinced about the new GTA, maybe it’s trying too hard??

      • I found that about IV too, it was all “Look, here’s a flamboyantly gay character! Isn’t that so funny!”, and most of the radio stuff was just a one-liner joke stretched to a ten-minute section. The DLC was much better because it concentrated on the story and gameplay over trying to be funny.

        I’m not a big Saints Row fan, but the characters joining in and singing poorly to the car radio right by the beginning of The Third made me chuckle more than anything in GTAIV. Trying too hard is definitely how I’d describe it, yeah.

      • I find the games boring to be honest. Been the same since the start.

      • Blimey two like minded people, we should start a ‘We’re not fussed about GTA V’ Facebook group. Hang on, I ditched Facebook ages ago so that won’t work!! lol

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the game will be great, and I’ll be pre-ordering it (curse you, blimp!). It’s just the humour I think is a misfire.

  6. Hilarious! Jock Cranley for sure.
    One of my favorite parts about GTA is listening to the talk show radios. Just or Unjust on KTT (can’t remember the exact name of the radio but it’s on GTA IV) is one of the funniest things I’ve listened to.

  7. Ha, saw both of these in the info website they released yesterday in the politics section. Nice little extra content to introduce the characters.

  8. Successfully divorced :)

  9. I vote for Sue, more radio! Fantastic little videos, no doubt they’re a fair representation of the tone of the game. And theyre good marketing really, there’s no reason for reviewers to go complaining about immaturity if its crystal clear before release that’s what the games about.

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