First GTA Online Gameplay Video (YouTube)

Rockstar have posted the first trailer for GTA V’s online functionality, which you can see below.


The game is out on September 17th for PS3 and Xbox 360, but the online component won’t launch until October 1st.

Here’s a direct link to the video.



  1. I enjoyed the online offerings of GTA IV – but they have really raised the bar with GTA V!

    • You’re telling me. That persistent feel online, with the garage of cars, the apartment, etc. It’s like the word “comprehensive” doesn’t do what we’ve seen justice.

  2. wont be launching til october 1st, i still remember when gta4 came out and microsoft went on about how in the first 5 minutes (due to install times on ps3) of having the game you play your firt multiplayer game, but i think its actually a bit risky to launch the game with no multiplayer, but still getting the game day 1

    • get used to the map the games huge

      • get used to pulling off heists then rob the first bank i see with my friends

      • :)

    • I think it’s a good idea to have a fortnight before mp starts as folk like me who don’t like to rush through a game and/or who are not the best at this type of game have the chance to unlock stuff and rank up before it starts. Normally I get thrashed at mp as everyone else has better weapons, attributes etc.

  3. That looks well weapon.

  4. WOW

  5. Looks really good, I bet it would be hilarious with friends. Makes me want to pre-order it again!!

  6. Bloody hell that looks good. I really hope it comes to PS4 though!

    • I’m sure Rockstar have thought long and hard about that, I’d put money on it coming!

      • I wish I could find out before release, then I’d wait for the PS4 version. I hear it’s gonna be easier to port from PC to PS4, so I’m thinking it will appear on next gen!

      • I’d guess this is precisely why they haven’t said it’s coming to PS4/XO, so people don’t wait, and some may buy it twice.

        Having gotten used to how GTA4 and SR3 plays on PC compared to the juddery PS3 version I’ll be holding out for a while to see if there’s a PS4/PC version of this around the corner.

      • I’m thinking of risking it and doing the same!

  7. I honestly wasn’t that excited about this game. I am now. Just about to pre-order. Sadly it means the PS4 can definately wait .

  8. I think i have seen enough to make me postpone my PS4 order until next year

  9. I have to say I wasn’t interested in this at all, until I just saw this video.

    I’m now buying this for the MP more than anything.

  10. Exceeded my hopes & expectations. This is going to be special.

    • Whoever is organising meets, may have to setup a few lobbies, demand is going to be high.

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