Sunday Spotlight: Other Places

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Spotlight! This brand-new feature spawned from the fact that Sundays are usually quite relaxed, and that you might want to see some great things from elsewhere on the internet, be that a video, article, podcast or even a game.

We’ll keep it strictly gaming themed, because that’s what we’re all about, but you should see plenty of variety over the coming Sundays. If you have anything that you think would be suited for Spotlight, feel free to email us at tips[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com and if it looks good, we may well post it next week.

We kick off our first Spotlight with a look at games and their worlds, via Andy Kelly’s beautifully executed Other Places YouTube series. Using some magic camera hacking trickery (and a decently specced PC, by the looks of things), he’s captured the essence of game worlds, making them feel more like real, living places than any narrative or gameplay ever could.


The world of Skyrim was first up, and with over fifty thousand views, it certainly has proved popular. It is, to put it simply, quite beautiful to watch.

There have been new Other Places entries every few days since then, with a look at the familiar city in the skies of Columbia – where the main portion of BioShock Infinite takes place – proving to be one of my favourite videos, and highlighting the beauty you could easily miss while shooting Handymen and rescuing Elizabeth, as well as featuring an incredibly chilling final shot.

Another video which proves unexpectedly brilliant focusses on the Aperture Laboratories of Portal 2. These videos really show how much time and love has been put into making these worlds which we visit through our gaming systems.

We’ve only featured the three videos here, but as of yesterday, there are nine videos in total, with more (including Rapture and the Mass Effect Universe) on the way. You can view all of these – and stay tuned for more – on Andy’s YouTube channel, including looks into the worlds of Borderlands 2, Mirror’s Edge, Alan Wake, Dishonored, Mafia II and Dear Esther.

Let us know what you think of these videos in the comments section below, as well as anything gaming related which you’ve found this week!



  1. That’s some lovely stuff he’s showing off, there.

  2. Great new feature, thanks for highlighting things like this and sharing the interest.

    • Thank you for reading, we thought it was a perfect idea for a Sunday evening.

      More next week! :)

  3. Lovely stuff Blair, i’ve added the channel so i can watch on the big screen later.

  4. I love the Infinte video. Completely fell in love with Columbia, it was something special.

  5. Clicked on one and ended up watching them all. Wow. Ordered Mirrors Edge and Borderlands 1&2 after watching these clips. Beautiful.

  6. That was a nice surprise! Good idea TSA.

    The videos were great. Skyrim definitely my favourite, mostly due to my love for the game. I would love to see one for Red Dead Redemption, oh man that could be superb.

  7. You know, sometimes you just romp through a game and don’t pay too much attention to what’s going on around you. Then you see videos like these (I only watched skyrim, not played the rest) and it makes you really appreciate just how much work and love has gone in to making these environments. Outstanding stuff.

    • Definitely, I do the same a lot of the time. Those videos were very pretty, having never used a mutts-nuts PC its good to see the absolute best of an environment. I remember putting the controller down on GTA IV to send a text, I left Niko facing west looking across the river from Brucey’s helipad, the view as the sun went down and lights twinkled on was a wonderful surprise.

  8. a great idea for a new feature, and what a way to start.

    i’m something of an explorer in games, trying to go where the developers don’t expect me to, i’ve fallen off the world in a few games doing just that. ^_^

    so something like this Other Places series really appeals to me.

    if you can, watch these in hd on a big tv, look bloody gorgeous that way.

    one thing that’s cool about these is they show the world without some sword or gun wielding hero running about the place.
    you see them in their natural state, so to speak.

    when you play many of these games, you seem to be the centre of attention, with these you’re pretty much seeing what these places were like before the hero came to town.

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