TouchJunkies’ Discbord Now Available On iOS

You might remember TouchJunkies. They made a game called Super Smoothies for iOS a couple of years back with co-founder of TSA, Michael, taking up the coding duties.


Well, Michael’s been at it again, working on his second TouchJunkies project, the delightfully simple and addictive Discbord, which is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The game involves sliding discs across game boards with simple flick motion. It features four modes and twelve boards, so there’s a lot of content in the game. These modes include High Score, Twenty One, Round the Board and Thief, and the game also features adaptive, learning AI, which seems impressive.

There are so many releases on the AppStore, that games like this sometimes get overlooked, so don’t let Discbord go unnoticed!


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  1. Yes, notice it. Get into the App Store right now and notice it!

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