Watch Sony’s Gamescom Conference Here From 6PM

It’s almost time for the big event, with Sony set to reveal the release date of the PS4 in just a couple of hours from now. You can watch the entire conference live right here on TSA, by using the player below, starting at 6PM.


We’ve speculated plenty on what Sony could be revealing, from a PS4 release date to a PS4/Vita combo bundle and even a Vita redesign or price cut. There’ll be plenty of games, too, including the possibility of a new entry in the God of War series or even LittleBigPlanet 3.

For 1500 words of speculation, have a read of our expectations post before the conference begins!



  1. Can’t wait for this to start. Hoping for a release date, so I can save the pennies :D

  2. just over an hour to go, why is it the closer it is to these things, the slower time seems to pass?

    the last minute is gonna seem like a week. O_O

    anyway, i’d like to see something new, hearing more about titles i’m interested in is always cool, but there’s nothing like seeing something brand new.

    is there any way to watch this on PS3, so i can watch it on my tv rather than my little pc monitor?
    does ustream work on PS3?

    • I link my laptop to TV via HDMI…is this possible for you?

  3. Release date and som sort of bundle with the camera and maybe a game and I’ll be all set for preoredering. Would like to se some more of the software platform to.

    • Highly doubt any sort of bundle as they are struggling for demand as it is. Maybe Q1 2014 but not for launch.

  4. GTA 5 PS4 exclusive for next gen systems.
    Uncharted 4 launch title.
    InFamous pushed forward.
    Crash Bandicoot remake.

    One can hope….. one can hope.

    • One can only dream….. I so wish GTA5 woudl come to next gen :( I dont wanna buy games for PS3 when I have a shiny new box to play games on

    • GTA 5 PS4 exclusive for next gen — nope. Rockstar likes money too much to do that ^^ furthermore, no next gen version is on the way, said Rockstar.

      Uncharted 4 launch title — nope, Naughty Dog said the Uncharted saga is over at the moment. Maybe a sequel to The Last of Us, but no Uncharted 4.

      inFamous pushed forward — it’s already in a “spring 2014” released date. It’s pushed enough ^^

      Crash Bandicoot remake — Impossible, the game is not a Sony/Naughty Dog franchise since 1998. Sold to Universal in 2001 (with Spyro). If they had to make a new game, it wouldn’t be presented in a Sony Event, but rather on the Universal booth (but there was no new game on PS3, so I doubt they would suddenly come back on PS4. Consider the franchise dead with Sierra Entertainment (who edited the games for Universal and died in 2008).

      • hence why its called wishful thinking…..

      • Oh dear, flew right over your head that did didn’t it? ;)

      • Thing is, no one would buy it twice. Sure, people would buy a next gen GTAV but I bet 99% of those people will buy it on current gen if that’s all there is. The huge costs of making a next gen version aren’t gonna be recouped by the 1% of extra sales they might make by having a next gen version


    and now my ears are bleeding. >_<

  6. I wonder if I can watch this on the bus. It’s home time from work and the journey’s 45 minutes at the mo…

  7. Part of me wants ps4 released asap, the other part is happy to wait because of GTA, Beyond, GT6 etc

  8. what on earth am i hearing now? o_O

    • i think i heard Duke Nukem grunting.

    • well, the award for weirdest preshow soundtrack goes to sony.

      and now a little girl is telling me to be an acrobat.

  9. Almost time! I’m at work – fortunatley my job requires that I wear headphones, so to everyone else it just looks like I’m doing my job, when infact I’m practially peeing myself in anticipation at finding out a release day.
    Sony, do not disappoint!

  10. Am i the only one just hear audio and no video?!?!

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