Girl Fight Gameplay Video

I was once in the unfortunate position of being in a night club when two females kicked off and started brawling in the middle of the dance floor. The aggression in those two ladies was like nothing I’ve ever seen before – definitely more extreme than what I’ve witnessed in males fighting.

I wonder if a similar experience was the inspiration behind Kung Fu Factories’ Girl Fight or if it’s simply another excuse to get some scantily clad women onto our TV screens. This all-girl arcade style fighting game is currently under development, will be rated M for mature and is due for release on both PSN and XBLA.

Looking at the gameplay video, the action actually seems fairly slick with an assortment of combos, grapples and throws, reminiscent of the Tekken series.

Source: YouTube


  1. They’ve actually gone and made a game with “girl” and “fight” in the title. And it’s named Girl Fight.

    • You are so astute. I’m glad we have such a clever person in charge

    • I assume Slut Punch was already taken and provided dubious Google results.

      • Haha, sounds like a party drink ideal for breaking the ice before bump and grind ensues.

      • I assume C**t Kickers is taking things a bit too far?

      • Yep, this is my favourite comment in a very long time

      • Fanny Fisticuffs?

  2. Looks like quite possibly the shittest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. For the good of humanity this has to sell zero copies.

    • Tell me about it… I know it’s a PSN / XBLA game, but this needs to be a free to play or it’s criminal!!
      (not that even at that steep entry fee would I grace the game with my time)

  3. Shame they decided to design it like that.

  4. I’m not sure this really tops Dead or Alive, which is pretty much already called girl fight. I couldn’t help thinking where’s the jiggling?
    Also, that terrible music is already stuck in my head, wah-oh-wah-oh-phwaarm…

  5. that first character was basically Tina from DOA.

    in fact, it seems like they’re just trying to clone DOA.

    not a bad target to aim for, but i don’t know if they’ve quite managed it, the animation looks a little stiff, some of it anyway, and graphically it can’t match DOA.
    hard to tell about the gameplay though without playing it.

    still, it looks infinitely better than that bikini karate babes game.

    mind you, if this title can avoid some of the problems of DOA, like the prescient AI and the bloody cheap as hell, if not outright cheating, bosses, and if it has decent online play, it could be decent.

    not amazing, but decent.

    definitely a try before you buy situation.

    • Had to utube bikini karate babes to see what it was. The bastard child of mortal kombat 1 & DoA minus a budget. Shockingly bad!

    • I’d never heard of bikini karate babes either. That’s made my morning!

  6. The movement & general gameplay looks a bit mortal kombat-like. Funny how a movie can show a bit of boob & get a 15 rating but a game has “partial nudity” and its a 17+.

  7. whoever came up with this idea, needs hanging.

  8. Sad thing is this’ll probably sell a load, further pushing the stereotype of gamers being sad lonely teenage males.

  9. Due to work’s horrendously slow broadband I can’t watch the video but I can only assume it would remind me of my missus on Dolmio Day.

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