Hitman Absolution Heading To PS4?

It seems as though an upgraded “Game of the Year” edition of Hitman Absolution might be releasing on PS4 later this year, as confirmed by the biggest French games retailer, Micromedia.

This comes after NeoGAF user SentryDown noticed a listing on their website, and sent an email asking whether the game was available to pre-order, or if the listing was in error. Micromedia’s reply was:

“The publisher confirmed [with] us the future release of this game.”

Perhaps it got a bit lost in translation, and the publisher confirmed that the PS3 version existed, or perhaps we could really be seeing enhanced versions of current generation games on next-gen systems.

It does seem likely after the success HD re-releases have had this generation. We’ll no doubt find out whether this is true or not soon.



  1. Seems a bit pointless given how poorly it sold.
    A GTA 5 port on the other hand would be excellent

    • Port all the PS3 games which are coming out soon so I dont have to carry on buying PS3 games when the PS4 is out :)

  2. I recently picked up a copy of this on Ebay for a few quid, not had a chance to try it yet. Hello Bank Holiday Weekend!

    • your’e in for a tret, it’s a quality game

  3. Seems so pointless to me. I doubt anyone would bother unless it was £5 months later.

  4. The Last Of Us needs a HD remake, eh?

    • now that I would like to see, it’s game I’ll always want to have in my collection. it’s a wonderfull experience

  5. Not sure what the idea behind this is. If they try to market it as an upscaled version then it simply isn’t gonna sell well. News that the big hitters are only running at 720p means they’ll little to no difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions, right?

    In my opinion, the reason HD remakes have been such a success is because the length of time between each version has allowed technology to progress enough to see a genuine improvement. Plus, the thought of revisiting an old classic after a long gap. And, of course, the addition of trophies!

    • The resolution is not the only thing that matters when it comes to how the game will look. A lower resolution allows devs to add more details to the game or get a smooth framerate locked.
      However, I don’t think we will see improved graphical assets or anything fancy from this. They would have to put in much more work than I asume they are willing to unless they have higher quality assets ready and scaled them down for the PS3 version.

  6. With the game running like a dream on my current PC (in 1920 x 1200) I’m very confident that this will look lovely at 1080p on the PS4. Also, they can increase crowd numbers which I’m finding very, very impressive.

    If you think about it, there’s scores of good/great games that have had the assets bumped up for powerful PCs so it makes perfect sense to bring them out on the X1 and PS4 if the porting is relatively straightforward (which we’re told it is). Means they can make some profit even if it’s relatively small when you look at overall sales.

  7. Superb game. Almost iron sheik class

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