Yahoo Don’t Know What The 3DS And Wii U Are

Yahoo is hardly a bastion of well researched journalism, and their latest video from ABC discussing the new 2DS and Wii U price cut show just that. Or should that be 2Dees and Wii?

Yes, it seems as though – as you’re able to see in the video below – that they think the newly announced 2DS is named “two dees” and that it will play the same games as “the three dees” with lower resolution graphics, where in fact it’s named 2-D-S and will play the same games, with identical graphics as the 3-D-S, just without the 3D, hence the name.


They go on to say that the Wii is getting a price cut rather than the Wii U – either they’re just mixed up or reporting something several years later. Perhaps there are mixed messages about Nintendo’s naming systems?

This isn’t sending a very good mainstream message out for Nintendo – you can bet Yahoo get a lot more views than an article on this very site would.

Nevertheless, we can have a bit of a laugh about it.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. I can never understand this kind of thing. Surely SOMEONE at Yahoo must be into gaming enough to spot this, especially someone who, presumably, does their tech articles.
    It’s just embarrassing.

  2. Looks like they are pulling it. Suddenly won’t play

  3. No wonder some folk think the Wii U is some sort of add on for the Wii.

  4. Morons, simple as that.

  5. So Nintendo are launching a new console and calling it Wii One? That’s a winner :>

    • Don’t be silly, it’s called the Eggs Box Four… Isn’t it?

  6. Stupid oversights obviously by Yahoo but in their defence some the names given to Nintendo hardware ever since the days of robust and instantly recognisable titles like GameBoy Advance or Nintendo Gamecube have been hurriedly chucked together during a quick fag break in the office car park!

  7. It could be worse. I mean, they could publish one paragraph about a game that tells you nothing about the game then pass it off as a review. I mean, what kind of outlet does that? Oh yeah ,the Daily Mail. But how on earth did they confuse 2DS for 2Ds? Did no-one bother to check it? Wait, it’s yahoo, so they didn’t bother checking it.

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