New Halo Plot Details Leaked

It’s hard not to get excited for Master Chief’s Xbox One debut. However, when debuted at this year’s E3, Halo (currently unnumbered), left much to the imagination with its flashy yet sparse trailer.

Well, details on the MC’s latest space-faring exploits have come to light via a leak directly from Microsoft itself. The brief (and fairly non-spoilerific) extract reads:

In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted.

This Sunday, Microsoft and 343 will be broadcasting the Halo 4 world championship final. It’s expected that we’ll hear more Halo news then.

Source: AGB


  1. I can’t really get exticed about a new Halo, i’m not going to be getting an xbox one for quite some time…

  2. Oh another halo game? Halo is massively overrated. They all look exactly the same and never seem to evolve into anything new. I had one of the Halo’s but I never completed it due to me finding it so boring.

  3. Never “got” the whole Halo thing, just never clicked with the series.
    The irony is the one I enjoyed most is the one that gets the most flack, ODST.

  4. Halo 5 Plot:

    Shooty-man in green battle armour (now next gen so can see age of armour, oooh… next gen!) fights aliens and stuff, has blue sidekick that whilst turning completely insane provides some of the funniest moments in the game since shooty man is a tad one-dimensional and has had his voice setting permanently set to ‘gruff’. There are guns and vehicles that always take a couple of minutes to work out how to drive as it’s all a bit bizarre. There are more guns…. oh and grenades… stuff gets shot eventually some important person or thing gets found or more likely, shot – some meaningful cutscene – fade to credits

    Plot for Halo 6
    See Above

    • Scores 9’s and 10’s across the board with certain sites making such high praise as “It’s exactly like the the games before”
      No mark reduction for lack of innovation or “bringing anything new to the genre” here matey

    • Uncharted 1, 2, 3, plot:

      Man with guns walks through old historic ruins fighting of rival tresure hunters, assisted by an old guy and a woman, collectables found throughout the game…

      Uncharted 4 plot
      See Above

      Its a sequal, its going to be similar, but Halo are still great games (As are uncharted, just used it as example)

      • My problem with Halo has never been that there’s lots of sequels, its that the weak areas of the game never seem to be improved upon – in Halo 4 there was a lot more in dev diaries about the relationship between Cortana and the Chief, but the fact that the Master Chief has always felt almost outside the narrative looking in has been a problem since Halo:CE, IMO. For me, only ODST and Reach had proper storyline hooks that grabbed you as a player – Halo 4 was a marked improvement for Master Chief, but there needs to be more.

  5. Enjoyed Halo 1 but found the others incredibly samey. Haven’t bought the last few because of the overpriced dlc.

  6. Not the biggest Halo fan but its basically rule-101 to own a Halo game on a Microsoft console so I will probably check out part 5 at some point. Still miss the good ol’ days of local MP on Halo 1

  7. I found myself disillusioned with Halo after 4 didn’t really make much sense in terms of story. That and the multiplayer didn’t really feel like Halo to me.

  8. First of all I hate everyone that posted here. Yes I use hate as a strong word and I imply it to all of you. What bungie did with halo one is one of the most significant thing in gaming history. Gaming would be not taken seriously without this game. Look up the sales with halo and no media output has even come close. It changed how fps are made today. With out halo there would be no first person shooters. It was like when resident evil came to playstation what was before it. I only have played halo for story, yeah I know right story in fps. As a U.S army infantry grunt I could place myself in the role a soldier with no face no emotion I made it my character what I felt. I love what halo 4 did. It showed what dr. Halsey Spartans felt making them more human than how they have been portrayed for so long. There was no place for them in the human race. They didn’t belong. As a soldier for 7 years I can relate now that my time in the military is come to a end. I can’t talk to my friend about my experiences or anything that I have done they would not understand. Just like they can’t tell me about there’s since I have been out of high school. My perspective I feel is what is right I got to see what people are really like in there worst . What we really are. Kinda of like master chief and what does society do cast him out. Kinda of like veterans get casted out in our society. Example one. Hoover ordering the shooting of ww1 vets that protested him. Example 2. Why do actors who pretend to do what I have done get paid millions of dollars while real soldiers are standing in welfare lines makes sense. Example 3 employees don’t hire soldiers that have been to combat due to PTSD. Thanks America so take your judgements and take a look at halo you ungrateful assholes it only reflects how you as society treat people that can’t relate to you thanks and win.

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