Vita Version Of Rayman Legends Is Missing Content

Uh-oh, even after suffering a two week delay, it appears that the Vita version of Rayman Legends will still be missing out on some content, namely the bonus “invasion” levels that permeate the game.

These levels offer frantic right-to-left sections of gameplay which are around 40 seconds to a minute long. They’re a nice break from the main set of levels, putting a different twist on environments with new enemies.

That means 85 less Teensies than the other versions of the game, which is quite a big margin – that’s almost thirty less levels by my calculations. The handheld version of game does, however, include the touch-controlled Murphy content of the Wii U version, though it seems as though Nintendo’s system is the place to go for Rayman Legends.

I was actually in the midst of playing some invasion levels when I read this and I think they’re quite an essential part of the game; without the variety they offer, I’d have taken a break from the game long before now.

There could be a patch on the way (hence the delay) to put these levels in upon release but there’s no way of telling. We’ll just have to wait two weeks to find out, unless Ubisoft comment on the matter before then.

Source: NeoGAF, via Twitter


  1. This is such crap. GAAAH. Well at least we know why Ubisoft weren’t even talking about a Vita demo!

  2. Very dissapointing news and does highlight why, to myself (a PS3 and PSP owner), i’ve so little interest to pick up a Vita.

    Why would i be looking at buying the Vita version over the PS3 version, when it does’nt offer up the ‘full-fat’ experience?.

    As long as publishers continue to treat the Vita like this, i’ll be steering well clear.

    Come Ubisoft, step up and say why you’ve released the Vita version later and with less content.

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