Vita Version Of Rayman Legends Is Missing Content

Uh-oh, even after suffering a two week delay, it appears that the Vita version of Rayman Legends will still be missing out on some content, namely the bonus “invasion” levels that permeate the game.

These levels offer frantic right-to-left sections of gameplay which are around 40 seconds to a minute long. They’re a nice break from the main set of levels, putting a different twist on environments with new enemies.

That means 85 less Teensies than the other versions of the game, which is quite a big margin – that’s almost thirty less levels by my calculations. The handheld version of game does, however, include the touch-controlled Murphy content of the Wii U version, though it seems as though Nintendo’s system is the place to go for Rayman Legends.

I was actually in the midst of playing some invasion levels when I read this and I think they’re quite an essential part of the game; without the variety they offer, I’d have taken a break from the game long before now.

There could be a patch on the way (hence the delay) to put these levels in upon release but there’s no way of telling. We’ll just have to wait two weeks to find out, unless Ubisoft comment on the matter before then.

Source: NeoGAF, via Twitter



  1. And now I start regretting my choice of platform :/

  2. I was going to buy this on Vita only but caved in and bought it for PS3,still think ill be getting this brilliant game for Vita also,not sure if i’ve come across these invasion levels yet there’s just that much content great game.

    • As far as I can gather the Invasion levels are unlocked when you complete certain levels. I Jumped into the Back to Origins > Jibberish Jungle > Geyser Blast level, completed that and it unlocked Toad story > Castle in the clouds:Invaded, which was a small painting next to the main Castle in the clouds level from Legends……I think!!!!
      I’m guessing that it might be by completing the Back to Origins levels which themselves have to be unlocked through progress, are what might trigger the Invasion levels to unlock, then again it could be Lums/Teensies collected running totals…. sheesh, my brains hurting now :P

      It’s a bit complicated atm but a bloody awesome game with so much to do as you say!

      • Does the PS3 version have scratchcards to unlock bonus levels/creatures etc. or does that just happen through progression?

      • I’ve completed the Origins Jibberish Jungle Geyser Blast level,don’t remember seeing the smaller painting appear at side of Castle in the clouds ill have to check it out. Also Blair it does indeed have the scratch cards in the PS3 version that how i unlocked the few Origins levels i have.

      • @Freeze i looked and it definitely wasn’t unlocked for me i played the level again and nothing,i freed the character Zilla i think it was and the invasion level appeared,still yet to play it as it’s footie time ;)

      • @Blair Yeah, the scratchcards are the prizes won in between Silver and Gold cup scores in each level.
        @Wardy My invasion level unlocked just after I’d done the Origins level wih a message on screen so I’m guessing that the Invasion levels must unlock dependant on Lum/Teenies collection level or maybe even that Awesomeness level as mine hit level 4 Awesomeness yesterday?

      • Yeah, I was wondering if the scratch cards were a Wii U/Vita exclusive because of the touchscreen. Thanks guys.

  3. Could it be because of the limited storage capacity of the Vitas cartridges?

    • Doubt it, there are no such limits for the downloads anyway.

      This is pretty frustrating – delayed by two weeks, no notification from Ubi and seemingly missed by reviewers, who apparently have Vita code.


      • Maybe the reason for the delay is because of trying to implement a patch?

        Would be a way around the problem of too big a game to fit on the card.

    • Origins was only about 1GB, and Legends won’t be anywhere near the 4GB-or-so limit either.

      • According to GAF it’s 2GB.
        Incredible how such a great game can be such a small package.

  4. Very disappointed, key differences such as this should be highlighted, glad I deceived against the preorder…

  5. God damnit. Was gonna get this on Vita.

    I loved Origins on PS3, completed it ages ago and I’ve just bought it on Vita for a bit of Rayman on the go – plus, Origins is a timeless classic. Shame about Legends, but I hope that maybe they address this in a few months, maybe patch the levels in or offer them as free DLC? I dunno, I hope anyway.

  6. I think one of the demo levels was one of these – the one you’re meant to try and finish in the quickest time? I didn’t enjoy that as much as the other levels, in fact i gave up on it after numerous failed attempts. Sounds like the Vita version may very well be the definitive version for me ;)

    • That’s the reason I loved them in the demo. They were really challenging (especially the second one, jesus christ). Loved the level of difficulty in Rayman Origins too.

    • The Black Betty level was in the demo was the nads, guitar solo’s and riffs throughout with Rayman doing an air guitar victory celebration….hilarious.

      • That was my favourite bit of the demo, Wham-ba-lam! :)

  7. It’ll be a shame to not have those levels. I got Legends on the 360 because of the delays but intend to pick it up on Vita on launch day.

    The levels are tricky (Dark Rayman is a pain in the arse) but its good when you finally get passed the difficult one.

    However the 8 bit parts are as fun as the are difficult!

  8. Darn it, I was going to get it on Vita! Now I’ll have to rethink that…

  9. I’ll probably get the Vita version when it’s on sale or on Plus but until then the PS3 version will do just fine.
    As a second purchase it could be viewed as a little easier platinum trophy. :P

  10. So, the missing levels are the ones taken from Rayman Origins?

    • No, the invasion levels are like shortened Time Trial versions of Rayman Legends levels, using the continuous scroll-screen (hang around and you die :P) method.
      When you unlock one of them a small version of a level painting appears next to the full Legends level that it is based on.

      • Ow, thanks. Well this sucks big time to be honest. I was waiting for the VITA version, but now I think I will grab the PS3 one. Hope Ubisoft makes a statement about this issue soon.

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