GAME Has An Xbox One Day One Bundle Priced At £614.98

As we get closer and closer to the launches of the next generation consoles the available stock is pretty much all but out. The PlayStation 4 is already unavailable to pre-order for launch and the Xbox One stock is quickly running out. To take advantage of this shortage GAME has put up a bundle which is very limited in stock.

This Xbox One Day One Edition bundle is priced at £614.98 which includes the FIFA 14 download and a copy of the Call Of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition. . Let’s break it down in figures to see if the maths checks out.

Xbox One Day One Edition + FIFA 14=£429.99

CoD: Ghosts Prestige Edition for current gen = £179.99

The grand total of these two items separately is £609.98. What’s strange is that the Prestige Edition of Ghosts for the next gen machines isn’t available by itself on the GAME website. I don’t mind bundles but were there no other options, like say a bundle with the normal edition of Ghosts for £470 or a similar price?

Source: GAME via Videogamer



  1. Dowt like cashing in.

  2. This is the exact kind of thing that could end seeing game back in serious trouble again if they carry on.

    They just try take advantage of people at any opportunity

  3. They have a similar bundle for the PS4, have had for a while.
    I can see both being popular considering the fan base of the game. I can understand why they’re doing it.

  4. It’s too early to criticize them over this imo.I also think that to assume were getting closer to the xbox release is all we and game can do at the moment.
    Yes the prices seem way off but they may be just place holders for now.The prices also don’t have parity with their high street stores (on Cod).
    I’m actually wondering if the retailers have any more information than us considering how close it’s getting.Game sent me an email recently saying that all xbox preorders were getting Fifa with them,congrats to me but of course after last weeks slight of hand that may or may not be true.
    I’m just saying that it’s not just retail stores with ‘odd’ xbox information right now and until its actually out theres really only one place to point the finger (and no its definitely not Nokia).

  5. I’ve noticed alot of the bundle offers aren’t any cheaper than buying separately.

  6. First of all, that’s ridiculous money for a console and two games. Second of all, £180 is stupidly ridiculous money for a game! How can £50 of entertainment software possibly be added to in order to inflate the price that high at launch? I cant possibly imagine anything short of the game plus all of the future DLC plus an actual gun being worth that horrendous price and anyone who pays that is mental and wants locking up for irresponsible spending. Sorry, rant over.

    • Prestige edition has a 1080p CoD branded video camera bundled in it? pretty amazing really. I want it myself, but £180 on a game, then more on the new console, then other amazing new titles coming out, wrong time for it if you ask me, the prestige will sell to a much higher % of MS platform owners than Sony platform owner, no doubt.

      • Ah, okay, well that’s not so ridiculous then. I probably should’ve checked that before having a rage, oops.

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