SCEJA Announce Soul Sacrifice Delta For Vita

At the SCEJA press conference, Sony highlighted a bunch of upcoming PS Vita games, targeting the Japanese market, in particular. Each of these games has a particular focus on co-operative play.

Working closely with Namco Bandai, Gundam Breaker – featuring all those battling mechs – and God Eater 2 will both be appearing on the machine later this year, with limited editions of the redesigned PS Vita in tow.

However, the main news is that there’s also a major update to Soul Sacrifice, entitled  Soul Sacrifice Delta, which expands the game quite significantly. In particular, there is a new force fighting in the world, with Neutral sitting in between the two existing sides.

This one’s set for a release in March 2014, with it getting into peoples’ hands at TGS.


  1. Excellent news. Hopefully the support will come over here too. Still enjoying Soul Sacrifice now.

  2. Soul Sacrifice has been a really pleasant surprise for me on Vita.

    I’ll probably wait and see exactly how much new content there is (and if you can carry over your progress) before taking the plunge on this though.

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