WeView Verdict: Injustice Gods Among Us

There were only five of you who contributed to this week’s WeView that had actually played Injustice Gods Among Us, so this article may be a little short in length. Hopefully tomorrow’s choice of game attracts a few more to particpate.

With their first ever comment on TheSixthAxis was Ylowz, who had high expectations for Injustice, but “luckily it didn’t disappoint”. They further added that “the characters are represented well and the gameplay is fluid which makes out for some great multiplayer fun”.


However, not all their words for Injustice were positive. They didn’t have the “same urge to play the single player modes” as the multiplayer ones, and they had a few issues with the DLC. Even more frustrating for Ylowz was the fact that Batman didn’t match their fighting style – I can only imagine the disappointment!

Elpablo76 was next to give their two cents on Injustice who, as a fan of the latest Mortal Kombat game, felt “Injustice would be in safe hands”. The story mode, however, didn’t ” quite match the length of MK’s” but was “still enjoyable and engaging” nevertheless. They were also not a huge fan of the following DLC for the game, as “the new characters are great but have no alternate costumes”.

The most enthusiastic Injustice fan was Pdannysan13 saying that it “is like everything you wished for in a superhero game”. The animations were “seamless and fluid”, and the story mode was “a strong point” for Injustice. They concluded that “if you want a fighting game and want to laugh with your friends until you fall off the couch” Injustice is the game to get.

After playing the demo for the game our own Craig Dodgson wasn’t “overly impressed” with Injustice, but after picking up a cheap copy he “ended up really liking the game”. In particular he liked the way the game blended story and gameplay calling it “simple but effective”. Injustice, as Craig describes, is “fairly easy for button mashers…to pick up and play” but also allows for some complexity for advanced players.

The final comment for this week’s WeView comes from Starman, who kept their comment short and sweet:

Good selection of characters, offline modes & challenges and lots to unlock. Solid combat (or should that be kombat?) and I like the Killer Instinct style life meters.

Only five votes were cast this week, all of which, were Buy It! With a 100% Buy It rating this surely could be a WeView record. I don’t think anyone can argue that Injustice is certainly worth buying for all DC and fighting fans, with the only issue to worry about being the DLC.

As for tomorrow, we’ve got Spec Ops: The Line as it was the most voted for in last week’s poll. Thomas Was Alone and Resistance: Burning Skies weren’t far behind, so manage to stay in the poll, and are joined by Insomniac’s Overstrike Fuse and GTA IV to coincide with the release of GTA V.



  1. WOW! Thanks guys for choosing my comment, I was surprised :) and the game is really really worthwhile

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