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Saints Row IV’s New DLC Includes Wild West and GATV Packs

With Grand Theft Auto V almost 24 hours away – or quite possibly, already in your hands – news of the latest DLC for another quite popular gun-toting, drug-running, super-car heavy city sandbox, Saints Row IV, has hit the internet – and in true Saints’ style, it gives a not so subtle nudge to Rockstar’s masterpiece.

The GATV (see what they’ve done there?) and Wild West DLC packs were announced via the latest Playstation Blogcast, and are due for release on the US PSN store – in timely fashion – this week, although the hosts gave no further information regarding pricing or indeed release dates for other territories. I’d expect the UK/European PlayStation stores to follow suit and release this week, if not shortly after – with Xbox 360 and PC releases more than likely too.

The only details we have about the DLC’s apparent content comes from a poster on Saint Row 4’s GameFAQs forums, who has been investigating the game’s latest patch, and found the GATV DLC to include “Gat hair, Gat clothes, and a really cool knifegun”. The Wild West DLC is not mentioned here, but a safe bet would be a similar set-up of inspired outfits and a new weapon.

Thanks, Playstation Blogcast/GameFAQs.