April’s Games With Gold Include Sunset Overdrive & The Wolf Among Us

Sony are going to have pull something special out of the bag to top April’s selection for Games with Gold. The big hitter is Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, the vibrant and fast paced open world shooter. The Xbox One is also graced by Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, and has backward compatibility to the two Xbox 360 games, Dead Space and Saints Row IV.


The release of these games is staggered through the month, with TWAU available April 1st to 30th, overlapping with Sunset Overdrive’s April 16th to May 15th window. Dead Space is from April 1st to 15th, and Saints Row IV from April 16th to 30th.

I’ve no idea why it’s done this way, but there it is. Just make sure you download the games you want before they disappear.

Source: Madge



  1. sweeeet!
    had sunset od but never really gave it much love..
    loved wolf among us so will give another go on my xbone

  2. **** **** and ****. That is one hell of a games line up, and a AAA exclusive to round things off. That’s what I’m talking about.

    I have Sunset Overdrive on disc (and part of the backlog no less) but I’ll be sure to flog it next chance I get. I tried it out and enjoyed it a lot. The rest all looks great too. I look forward to giving Dead Space another go, and I’ve been wanting to play The Wolf Among Us for a while but I never got round to taking the plunge and buying it.

  3. Wow, I’ve always been more of a Sony guy, but Microsoft are absolutely wiping the floor with PsPlus

  4. Meanwhile on PS Plus we get Fruit Ninja: Console Edition and the original Snake game from the old Nokia phones…

    Sunset OD is a great game to get get wih Gold. The best XB1 exclusive for me.

    • they wouldn’t do that.
      Snake isn’t old enough for a plus title these days.

  5. Great lineup, probably the best yet. Dead space is fantastic, SR4 is way more fun than GTA, Wolf I haven’t played other than the free chapter. Sunset is one of the best games this generation.

  6. This is the first time that xbox has properly and totally outdone playstation. Whatever ps+ churns out, it is highly unlikely in being better than this.

    The signs are clear that the tide is turning in monthly content. With all the games being backward compatible too, it’s a super month for Xbox owners.

    I stop waiting for games to appear on ps+ now. I got impatient with guilty gear and bought that in the sale. Axiom verge I will buy at some point probably. It’s good that I buy games but not everyone has that luxury and I hope Sony start to increase the number of recognisable titles each month soon.

  7. Really great month. I was going to be on the Xbox alot in April anyway but now I’ll give Sunset a blast, not sure it’s my thing though.

    • mate its infamous on steroids (or energy drink) =)
      its good fun but does get a little go fetchy and do thaty..

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