Guest Writer: My Indifference To GTA V

This guest article comes from the keyboard of ashw92, one of our community members.

The biggest game of the year was released yesterday in the form of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, I really haven’t been able to get myself excited about. Left and right through nearly every conceivable media stream I have been inundated with marketing spiel and hype inducing communications.

Social media has also been a hotbed of discussion, with the overly pro-GTA bandwagon out in full force against the ‘hating it for the sake of it’ brigade. And then there are those like me, clustered somewhere in the middle, in Grand Theft Auto limbo. We know full well there are copies still about to pick up from your local retailer of choice but having no real motivation to go and do so.

Obviously the announcement of the latest game in Rockstar’s insanely popular series was no surprise whatsoever. Everyone knew it was coming, but after GTA IV left a slightly sour taste in my mouth I wasn’t as excited as some to see the announcement that would soon be upon us. However, when that initial announcement came around and the first few trailers and big bits of information were released my interest grew rapidly.

GTAV Opinion 1

A return to Los Santos, a big city and an open area to wreak havoc in, three playable characters and some nearly-next gen looking graphics all piqued my interest to the point where I considered putting down an early preorder.

This excitement, however, did not last. The more pieces of small information that were released, and the drip feed screenshots began to bore me. Yes, that plane looks cool and yes, that is nice looking mountain and yes, Trevor does look like a crazy bag of fun, but do I want to play it? I’m not sure. The more I heard the more my interest deteriorated, it wasn’t a case of it looking unappealing as such, it just didn’t seem overly appealing to me.

When all of the reviews were released it was clear that GTA V was an amazing game. With near unanimous 9’s and 10’s from a broad range of outlets, it seemed that Rockstar had produced the game that would mark the swansong of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. But still, a smorgasbord of praise and a Metacritic score of a whopping 97/100 didn’t make me want to get back on the hype train. I appreciated that it was a great game and definitely something that I should play and would undoubtedly get into and enjoy but I still didn’t consider buying it.

Today I walked into a Tesco to buy some lunch and saw, beside a security guard who really seemed to be taking the link between GTA and crime all too literally, was an enormous display with dozens of copies, ready to picked up for only £38. I paused for a moment and looked at them.

GTAV Opinion 2

This game, the most expensive game ever made, one of the most critically acclaimed games ever made, and I just walked straight past to get a pot of pasta. I had the money, I have the time to play it and I had the opportunity to buy it, but even the ever-present cries of how good the game is from the Internet as a whole couldn’t sway me at point of purchase.

Ultimately, this worries me slightly. Why did I, an avid gamer and writer about games, not pick up the biggest release of the generation when it was starring me in the face? I can only really see two possible reasons; that I am simply losing interest in video games or that I am experiencing current-generation console fatigue.

I sincerely hope it’s the latter. I love video games and I hope to continue to do so, and that deep down that I am simply in need of a change. New hardware, new IPs and new experiences are all coming later this year.

Saying that, I did hold back on preordering a PS4 too…



  1. I was feeling this way until the gasmeplay videos for GTA came out. Since then I’ve been like a kid and now I have it, I still am. It rekindled my childish excitement for video games and I hope a game will do that for you too soon. I’m 31 by the way.

  2. Its called getting old! I have felt exactly the same the last year just really getting bored of playing games and can only manage about an hour at a time. They really don’t hold my interest anymore and find myself more interested in watching films or TV series box sets. Hopefully the PS4 may relight my interest. I did get GTA5 but so far so meh. Just feels like every other version with prettier graphics.

    • this was my worry and the reason I didn’t buy the game. It felt old and boring last time so wouldn’t expect much difference this time around other than different characters and slightly better graphics. I must say the online looks great though, much better than last times royal fuck up.

    • I hope it’s not a case of getting old, I only turned 21 last month!

  3. I’m 39 by the way and a lifelong gamer starting with a ZX Spectrum!

    • A Spectrum, what a bit of kit that was, light years ahead of the ZX-81 I cut my teeth on. Sadly ended up as a blob when it was left on the dashboard of my Dads Mk III Cortina during the summer of ’82 (yes I am that old).

  4. I’m 32 and feel exactly the same as you. I’ve got bored playing GTA last time, totally put me off this one too. Not interested at all.

    • Im bored of gta too, not quite 30 yet though.

    • Sign me up to the bored club. 34 in a few weeks

    • Im bored of gta too, not quite 30 yet though. I still miss the top down days when it was a bit more silly. I struggled to motivate myself to get too far in IV because I didnt engage with the characters or plot. The missions were a bit dull too, the same reasons I didnt enjoy AC III.

      Bigger and prettier isnt enough for me. Beyond, rain and last of us were my games for this year. I think im bored with the old franchises.

      • Same here. At 34, I think I’m starting to get sick of these games that just offer the same experience, but bigger. I want something unique and truly entertaining. Driving from point A to point B and shooting everyone in between doesn’t really do it for me anymore. Plus my old ps3 is slowly dying (damn yellow light thinger), so i just might pick this up down the track when i get a ps4. That is if I become curious enough to bother.

  5. Nice article amidst the avalanche of praise GTA is getting at the moment. I must admit I’ve felt similar, but not enough to prevent my preorder. The little I’ve played so far seems loud, fresh, and a return to form for Rockstar, my only worry now is whether I’ve got enough time to dedicate to it.

  6. Glad it’s not just me, I’ve never felt so ambivalent about a AAA release (aside from COD and associated clones). I have pre-ordered a PS4 though and finally gave in and bought a Vita so I’m hoping I haven’t yet reached the slow decline into check slippers and Werthers Originals (although my grey hair may disagree with me).

  7. All I know is I really didn’t like 4 never got that far into it hated the driving physics and characters and bloody phone calls from your cousin every 2 minutes,as Simplebob says I think 5 is a return to form its certainly a massive improvement over 4 in my eyes.

    • Oh and i’ve just turned 36 but I have had phases where I seem to fall out with gaming for a few weeks a month or 2,but it’s never lasted I’ve always gone back to her lol.

  8. In the run up to release I was looking forward to Splinter Cell Blacklist more than this. With both GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption I found that they started off brilliantly but then became repetitive after a while.

    As it got nearer to release the possibilities shown in the game and upcoming GTA Online made me think that things could be different this time. By the time of release day I was like a kid on Christmas Eve and really looking forward to playing it. I managed to finish off the Splinter Cell campaign last night, so will be onto this tonight.

    I also only get an hour or so a night to play games, but I still look forward to the major releases when I can afford to buy them. I turned 42 last week and have been playing video games since the mid 70s.

    While I am getting bored of endless sequels and lack of variety, sometimes something special comes along that deserves to be savoured and enjoyed.

  9. Is it a feeling of rebellion against the wave of hype, marketing and social chatter practically telling you that you should be looking forward to the game? I’ve had that feeling of rebellion before about Heavy Rain and The Last of Us, I almost felt like I didn’t want to play them at all and my mind has only been swayed by a few members comments here in the forums, but I’m still in no rush to go out and experience either even though I know I’ll like them. If it sways you at all Ash the storytelling in GTA V is hilarious and of the very best quality, very impressive, probably my favourite part of the game.

    • It could well be just me wanting to rebel. Honestly I really just don’t know. Everything is telling me I should love it but all I’m sending out is a Meh in reply. I probably will cave and pick it up in a few days but I’m still entirely indifferent towards it.

      • How about trying the first half hour of GTA IV again? Whatever your feeling afterwards let it totally dictate whether or not you buy V, just go with your gut :)

  10. I’m only 25 & some genre now don’t interest me like I used love pro Evo, every year I buy one but since 12 never bothered with sports games. I also lost interest in shooters, I love mainly hack and slash & some other genre.

    With GTA the problem is (personal opinion) even if the game was shit (it’s not a 10/10 game) the critics will still praise it as the best. There is similar games like sleeping dogs which was way better than previous GTA but the metric score doesn’t say that. Cause it’s rockstar or certain publisher the game will get a high score like bioshock infinite.

    I played GTA about 5 hours & tbh the game is not all that, it’s good but it’s been done, it’s like they took all the GTA ideas, brighten up the city & twerked it a bit to make look better. The car handling is awful, the shooting aiming dot is just awful like max Payne, switching between characters sucks. 8/10 for me or 7.5

    Good read though :)

    • The aiming reticule can be changed from the dot to a cross just change it from simple to complex.

      • Oh really, nice! Had to put auto assist or something like that to help me out

      • Well it changes them all actually the handgun becomes a dot with a circle round it,the assault rifle does become a cross though but ther all better reticules than the simple dot,it’s settings-display-weapon target then simple to complex ;)

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