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Dragon’s Crown Vita Packaging Has Print Error

File under “Oops”, the PlayStation Vita version of Dragon’s Crown has small but significant printing error on the packaging.

The text on the box indicates that the game is Cross-play compatible with the PlayStation 3, which is incorrect. At launch the game will only support cross-save functionality, not cross-play.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause,” said NIS America. “On a positive note, we are happy to announce that in the upcoming months Cross-platform play will become available across Europe via a game patch.”

Dragon’s Crown is, in case you needed reminding, a rather boob-a-licious 2D fantasy RPG.

I suggest RPG is a new ratings category for titles such as Dragon’s Crown. An “R” rated “PG” game which has (almost) fully clothed ladies but in poses you only ever find in Penthouse – see the picture below for evidence.


Source: Slightly Panicked Email From NIS America


  1. you might see some of the poses the sorceress pulls, if the models had their spines replaced with silly string.

    somehow she manages to point both her arse and breasts at the player at the same time.

    the artist behind this seems to have as much grasp of human anatomy as Rob Liefeld does.

    maybe i should be offended or something by that picture, but honestly, every time i look at it i just can’t help laughing.

    anyway, the game does look fun.

  2. Haha only Tuffcub could feature this aspect of the game in a small piece of news about printing errors.

    Glad to hear of the patch though, should expand the multiplayer more for the Vita. I think I can speak for everyone however when I say that we’d like cross-buy included too with the cross-save; how expensive to have to buy two games to use the handy feature.

  3. You could probably say the same about a lot of games that don’t have the online working fully at launch.

    Got the game early and it looks great on the vitas screen btw.

  4. Been playing mine here in the UK (which supposedly will only comes out tomorrow) since yesterday and loving it so far! Damned work, don’t have enough time to play!!! xD
    Oh and that artbook? So awesome, shame that it came a bit crooked on one corner :(

    If I’m not mistaken I think that the UK cover also has that icon for Cross-play too, I’ll double check when I get home later.

  5. Technically only a “delalyed” misprint as it’s being patched to get cross-play functionailty..

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