Pokémon X & Y And 2DS Out Now, Released Early In Stores

The 2DS and new Pokémon titles have released a day early it seems, with local GAME twitter accounts rife with talk of how you can buy them in-store “today”. This doesn’t seem to be individual breaking the street date, as GAME has a close relationship with Nintendo, but rather a last-minute move of the release date to today led by Nintendo.

Sure enough, I went to my local game and picked up a copy of Pokémon X with ease. It’s perhaps the first time a console has released a day before it was originally planned for, but overall a good move – Friday release dates are the norm.


It doesn’t seem to be limited to GAME either, with HMV accounts also tweeting about the early release. Oddly, the Nintendo UK twitter account has conflicting information, saying that the game is in stores and on the eShop from tomorrow.

In terms of prices, the 2DS console is £109.99, while both versions of Pokémon are just a penny under £40, although HMV are selling it at the slightly reduced £37.99.



  1. My local Game has as ignored my tweets, but I will pop down there after work and see if they will sell me X today.

    • Edit: they are selling them today.
      I’ll be buying X

  2. Y X?

  3. Anyone know if digital downloads are available yet? Bought my digital copy from GAME and received the code yesterday but it didn’t work yet. Wondering if it’ll work tonight.

  4. Hmm, no delivery from Amazon today so guess it’ll be here in the morning. Never mind!

    • I had an email today to expect delivery of my nephews 2ds, but it hasn’t turned up that was just before 3 o’clock.
      I guess they’ve bought it forward because most couriers don’t work weekend’s.

  5. BUT my question is why didn’t they do 11 oct in the first place?
    and also eshop hasn’t allowed people to buy it early yet?

  6. Yeah,why don’t they release it on e-shop too,people that have no close stores or were relying on e-shop will get it last,which is bs.

  7. I went into Block buster to try and get a last minute pre order and they just handed the game over to me hehe I was excited and confused

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