Deep Down Multiplayer Video
Footage of multiplayer action in PS4 exclusive Deep Down has emerged and yes, it has that  dragon in it.

You have to admit it is very impressive but I would quite like to see something other than that one scaly beast.

Deep Down will have an open beta in February, near the release date of the PS4 in Japan, and be free to play when it launches.

Souce: YouTube


  1. Looks very good. Maybe Deep down will be able to fill a part of the Monster hunter void?

  2. Looks pretty. Loving the fire effect

  3. Two thoughts are currently rampaging through my mind:

    1) This looks awesome! The unholy love-child of Dark souls and Borderlands

    2) Why oh why can’t somebody remake Baldur’s Gate using this engine? :-)

    • Number two is an awesome idea. :) Guess we’ll have to do with the enhanced editions. :P Enhanced edition of Icewind dale next maybe? :D

  4. Wow, that looks good. I love the idea of a co-op take-down. I also want DLC where I can get all of the commentators in the video to talk incessantly all of the way through the game. That wouldn’t drive me mad at all!! :-)

  5. Just a quick note. Is he using a vita to control the game or is it just my lack of sleep

  6. To be honest, it looks fantastic, but pretty boring on the gameplay.

  7. Definitely the kind of game i would enjoy. Hopefully i get to play it one day :-)

  8. I’ve looked at a few of these vids in the last 24 hours and Deep Down looks pretty, mighty pretty. The fire effects are very next gen (I’ve seen the tech demo) and the overall look of the game is very sharp. I’m really excited about the quality of games coming out for PS4 and can’t wait for launch at the end of November.

  9. I wonder if you can do anything but stab with a spear?

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