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David Hayter Joins The Cast Of Indie Survival Horror The Long Dark

David Hayter has joined the voice cast of The Long Dark a first-person survival sim from indie studio Hinterland.

“David Hayter is best known for his over fifteen-year role as the English voice of the iconic video game hero Solid Snake, from Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series,” explained a post on the game’s Kickstarter page.

“David’s years of experience make him ideal for delivering the kind of deep, character-driven storytelling that players will discover in The Long Dark. We’re thrilled to have him join the cast!”

The development team is equally star-studded, Creative Director Raphael Van Lierop has worked on both the Warhammer 40,000 series and Far Cry 3, and Technical Director Alan Lawrence is formerly of Volition (Saints Row 1-4).

Writer, Marianne Krawczyk previously contributed to the scripts to the God of War trilogy, whilst Art Director on the game, Hokyo Lim, comes fresh from Giant Sparrow’s marvellous The Unfinished Swan.

The Long Dark is currently aiming at an October 2014 release on PC, Mac & Linux, with Hinterland saying they are considering other platforms as part of the title’s long term plan.

“Ultimately we want to bring The Long Dark to as large an audience as possible.”

Source: Kickstarter


  1. Snake?! SNNNAAAAAAKEE!!!

  2. Well, they’ve earned my funding

  3. Crab Battle.

  4. Trouble is that i don’t see David Hayter as Snake at all.

    I see him as Guyver.

    • Haha! That was such an awsome film, well awesome fight scenes but crap acting. Still loved the film when I was younger, wore out the video tape from the amount of times I watched it.

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