New How To Survive Trailer

The horde of zombie games plaguing the industry appears to be more resilient than the undead themselves. However, 505 Games and EKO Software’s How To Survive is an isometric adventure that looks to be a little more than an average kill-fest.


Shipwrecked on a isolated island, it would seem it’s not just the undead that you need to contend with, as basic survival needs like finding food, water and shelter also playing an important part in the gameplay. Littered around the island you’ll discover hundreds of items that you can craft into the tools and weapons that you will need to survive. From fishing rods to Molotov cocktails, the list of items you can craft and upgrade is extensive.

The game features three playable characters, each of which have their own characteristics and unique skill trees. You can opt to be a lone survivor or team up with an friend via online or local co-op, to play through either the games story or eight challenge modes.

How To Survive is coming to PSN, XBLA and steam on the 23rd of October.



  1. I quite like the look of this, hope there is a demo!

    • Yeah, I think the extra survival elements could be either tense and rewarding additions…..or just be annoying.

      • Hopefully not the latter. It would keep it quite different then! I do enjoy a good twin-stick shooter and visually it looks quite nice!

    • I really like the look of that. Count me in. Tempted to pre-order but will behave and wait for reviews/demos.

      Still… AWESOME! :-) Now that I’ve finished State of Decay twice, I need to scratch that festering, necrotic itch.

  2. Wow, this actually looks really good. And 30% off on Steam too, that puts in just into the impulse buy category. :)

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