A Very Brief Look At Fez On PS Vita

Vine is a great way of sharing funny and quirky six second videos, but perhaps not the best way of sharing gameplay footage. Nonetheless, Polytron have taken to the micro video sharing service to post the first footage of Fez running on PS Vita.


Personally, I wouldn’t even “like” this Vine, nor Revine it as it lacks the humour that I enjoy from the service and it doesn’t even loop. I don’t think there’s much point in using Vine if you can’t make a good loop.

Still, in non-Vine terms, it’s great to see that they’ve managed to get the game running stably, and I think it might just be perfect for the platform.



  1. Had a little play of Fez on the Vita at EGX in the little Vita Indies section. I honestly didn’t think it was very good. It ran perfectly on the vita and looked good but the game was a lot less fun than I was expecting having never played Fez before. Still, it’s always nice to see more games coming to the console, even if promoting them via Vine seems a bit odd.

    • It’s really good when you get into it, 5 mins wouldn’t do it justice.

  2. There’s been footage of it on Vita before, hasn’t there? I’m sure I’ve seen some.

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