Starlight Inception Coming To Vita, Bringing Lots Of Space Combat

I love a bit of sci-fi combat. I love videogames. Put the two together and I’ll geek out in quite a considerable way. This is the winning formula that Escape Hatch Entertainment seems intent on exploiting this December.

They’ve announced Starlight Inception, a single player first- and third-person space combat game with a bit of a tower defence game thrown in there for good measure. They’ve also included several multiplayer options, although the details of those are sparse.


They promise more than 30 hours of single player gameplay, with the ability to explore your mothership between combat missions. Oh, and there’s a beta going live today that will show off the first mission – mostly tutorial and training for now but it’ll help give an idea of how the game will play, at least.

There’s a hangar, eventually featuring over thirty ships that you can customise with weapons before taking them out on missions. It sounds like they’ve put plenty of thought into the story and they’ve designed the game so that you can take your ships out of the glimmering firmament and onto planetary systems, including one mission that sees you fly to the surface of Earth and visit Chicago. I think I’d have gone somewhere with a nice warm beach but it’s nice to have that transition in the game.

It all sounds very interesting, even though it seems to have landed a little out of the blue. We’ll keep our eyes out for the Vita beta and we’ll hopefully get a better look as the game’s proposed release in December grows nearer.

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  1. This was announced last year, although I’d no idea it was this big- I thought it was another one of the smaller indie games.

    Brilliant news regarding the length of it, I look forward to it more now.

  2. Is this beta open for all Vita owners? Nothing about it on the store update. :(

  3. Looks like its US only :(

    • Hi stormy,

      Starlight Inception is planning to release in Europe. Currently the early release Beta is available on the North American Sony store only because we are still working with Sony Europe.

      I hope that helps answer your question.

      Kindest regards,

  4. Hello – If it is ok, I would like to answer the question about the open early release Beta of Starlight Inception. My name is Melissa and I am the VP at Escape Hatch Entertainment. We have been actively working with SCEA (North American Sony store) and SCEE (Sony Europe) to upload the Beta. They are separate and different processes.

    We are still working with our rep at SCEE. I communicate with him on an almost daily basis. The process for SCEA and SCEE are separate and the process with SCEE is taking longer. The SCEE office was closed for a storm but they are back online.

    We are working very closely with our SCEE rep to move this process along. However we can only do so much from our side.

    We do plan to release Starlight Inception in Europe and are doing whatever we can currently to get this done.

    I will check back on this blog in case anyone has further questions for Garry, myself or the team.

    Thank you so much for your comments and support of Starlight Inception.

    Kindest regards,

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