Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer – Another Look In Video

WB Montreal’s first attempt at a fully fledged Batman game brought few surprises, a solid outing, if a little unremarkable. What does stand apart is Splash Damage’s multiplayer component, something which I only addressed briefly in the review, but wanted to revisit to show what it’s all about.

So, it’s time to take to video once more, and show you some snippets of me being generally quite awful in a little TSA meet. You’ll spot Crazy_Del, Blueyoshi5, Ajk99, John_08743, Bambo_19 and I think that B_Cambo made a brief appearance, too. A shout of thanks to these fellows for helping me get games and footage together!

If you’ve got Batman: Arkham Origins, and want to give this a go with some friendly TSA chaps, keep an eye out on the meets section. It was Thursday at 9PM last week, and may be the same again this coming week.



  1. That looks really great actually, very tempting!
    I’m going to try to get through the bulk of the single player thus weekend and then maybe I’ll be able to jump into a few games with you guys?

  2. “….show you some snippets of me being generally quite awful in a little TSA meet….”
    That is a LIE!!!
    The video is a proof, Tef has been killing me personally AND saving my ass!
    Yeah I think it went great just a shame as it was 6 rather than a full lobby of 8
    I will create one for Monday at 8pm and another on Thursday at 9pm.
    All welcome to join the fun!

    • D’oh! I just remembered that I’m busy this coming Thursday, and can’t do this Monday either!

      Hopefully people will keep an eye out for the meets now, though. :)

  3. Oohh I forgot that Tef taped this hah.
    Yeah it was alot better having a meet for a game rather than sitting in a lobby for what seems like a lifetime!
    I will definetly be signing up for any further meets i see was great fun!

  4. I like the idea of this multiplayer. Kind of reminds me of the sort of thing you could do in Star Wars Battlefront 2 with being able o spawn as a jedi sometimes etc.

  5. I managed to play only 2 or 3 games and you put in the only significant thing I did. Smash someone with BANE. Thank you. See you all on Monday then :)

  6. Up to 5 minutes to get into a match on the PS3? Are you kidding? Try hours mate…the latest patch has butchered online in that you cannot get a match started as no-one can join a match or find players and when you do get started it freezes…it’s an utter mess on the PS3…

  7. Sounds about right homerj, I managed to get 1 whole game as Batman and thats it. Stupid game just kept crashing after that. And the lobby waiting and load times are horrifically long. Bloody shame to, coz the hero versus versus seems like a good idea. Maybe check back in a few weeks see if theres any improvement.

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