Activision UK Boss Believes Wii U Can Be A Success

While other developers and publishers have left the Wii U behind, focusing their efforts on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and the two new next generation machines, Activision have continually supported the system, releasing key titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts on Nintendo’s platform.

In a recent interview with Activision’s UK managing director Roy Stackhouse, which we’ll publish a video of later today, we asked their reasons for supporting what some would consider an unworthy venture, and if they’d be evaluating their stance in the future.


His reply was full of confidence that Nintendo could and would find their feet: “Nintendo have a great track record of bringing great consoles to the market place, and I think it’s a bit too early to be writing any console off at the moment, let alone the Wii U.

“I mean, there’s a big stable in the Nintendo market with family, that hasn’t come to the Wii U yet, and we’re sure that Nintendo will make the Wii U a success.” he continued, pointing out something that Nintendo appear to be looking to change with upcoming titles.

“That’s part of why you’ll be able to buy Call of Duty on the Wii U.” Stackhouse concluded. So, it appears their support won’t dwindle any time soon, and that will only serve to help Nintendo in creating a successful home console.



  1. I’d disagree. Sure, some of the old crowd will eventually migrate across to the newer offering but it also means that the rest of the Wii crowd will gently disperse back into:

    a) not gaming
    b) gaming on mobile devices
    c) upgrade to the XO or PS4

    Either way, it means the Wii U will suffer with a lack of momentum which will only continue to put developers off as their time is better spent elsewhere.

  2. I’ll be using my Wii U as a seconday console toghether with PS4 as I love Nintendo games. But they did mess up big time with the console itself. I wonder if Nintendo will put out a successor, and if so, how far down the line. A lot rests on how sales go next year as the library of solid first party titles build up.

    I wish Nintendo would have made a system akin to PS4 and XO instead and really taken the fight to them like with the Gamecube instead of doing another half-generation thing. They have the best selling first party lineup, and with equal third party support they could really put up a good fight.

  3. I only own a wii u for Zelda games alone. All other games get purchased for ps3 or ps4

    • That seems to be the general consensus with gamers these days. My brother bought a Wii U yesterday just to play Nintendo first party games.
      He also has a PS4 preordered, which will be used for all cross platform games. I don’t think third parties will have a good time with the Wii U and Nintendo is to blame. The console is too underprowered to compare with the PS4 and Xbox One so it will be stuck with ports on the scale of the PS3 and 360. I don’t think there’s a huge market of people who go Wii U only and make all their cross platforms purchases on that system. :/

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