PS4 System Storage May Be Limited To 408GB

While the PS4’s stock hard drive is 500GB, which actually means there will be 465GB available for standard devices, it appears that you’ll only be able to use 408GB of that system storage, with a picture posted to twitter showing 323GB available after approximately 85GB has been used.

So, just where has that extra 57GB got to? Could it be that the OS, when unpacked completely, partitions off 57GB of the hard drive space, for anything that might be required in the future? That does seem like a lot of space.

It’s not another game anyway, as the user posted a follow-up tweet showing that he only had three games installed, which amount to around 85GB after all.

Whatever the case, it appears as though you’ll only have around 400GB of space on your stock hard drive, so upgrading might be required sooner than you thought.



  1. I’ve got a headache now after looking at all those GB numbers add that to the fact 500GB isn’t 500GB and i need a lie down.

  2. Sounds like we’ll have space for at least 8 full fat game installs before the HDD is full of just games. Assuming PSN titles continue to be less massive it still might only be 3 or 4 months before the big spenders run out of space, which sounds bad. Having said that the Vita runs out of memory quickly and requires tactical deleting to keep demos and updates flowing, we moan about that but do it anyway so I guess it’s just something we’re gonna be getting used to next generation.

  3. Remember the PS4 always records last 15 minutes of gameplay

  4. That’s still 400GB of PS4 storage more than I’ve got now! C’mon time fairies, wave ya wands and make it 29th already!

  5. Cross game chat? Sorry. Just had to do it! Ha.

  6. Reserved space for Ps home. Which is still in beta stage.

  7. Every PS4 has the Last Guardian pre embedded…

  8. So how many Nintendo style “blocks” is that?

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