Full PlayStation 4 Online User Guide Now Available

The PS4 will be in North American hands shortly after 5AM GMT on Friday. That’s midnight Thursday in New York, where there will be a big song and dance around the angular black box and a special pre-launch event with some new tasty announcements. Here in the UK, we’re waiting, stuck in an envy-fuelled rage, for another two weeks. But hey, at least we can read all about it, right?

That’s right, the full online user guide for the PlayStation 4 has now gone online. You can read all about such interesting features as the fact that the LED will blink red when the console overheats (let’s hope we don’t get a Red Blink of Death issue…). You might also be interested to hear that the screenshots you take with the Share button will all go into a handy “Captures” folder?

It’s all very swift and simple, nice and accessible from mobiles too.

Here at TSA, we’re working on our own comprehensive guide to the console and everything you’ll want to know around the launch period but we’re still a little way off with that. I promise it’ll be nicer to look at and more fun to read than this user manual though.

Right, I’m off to read it all from cover to cover and think about that extra two week wait while gently rocking back-and-forth, quietly sobbing. We’ll let you know of anything interesting that crops up.



  1. We all should know how everything works by the time the delivery driver knocks on your door on 29th.

    It will be a good read for the folks camping outside the US store since Sunday. Think it was a Target store but not sure.

  2. I’m on nights week of launch, just hope I hear the door go or I’ll have to wait until 20th for mine :-(

    • 30th even. Damn Windows 8.1 autocorrect.

  3. I’ll give this a wee read and look forward to seeing the TSA guide to PS4.

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