New Mario Party Island Tour Trailer

During yesterday’s Direct broadcast, Nintendo showcased the latest Mario Party title for the 3DS, Island Tour, providing us with new details, including a launch date, and a swanky new trailer, which can be seen below.


Mario Party: Island Tour is touted to deliver 80 brand new mini games, spread over 7 boards – as well as bringing modes such as time attack to the series for the first time. The video also introduces us to new games which will use the system’s motion controls, with the ability to steer hang-gliders or flash ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion.

The hugely popular multi-player component will also see updates, with Island Tour incorporating StreetPass functionality, whereby you’ll be able to compete against up to 10 other players ghost data and local “download play”, meaning you can share one copy of the game-cart between 4 local 3DS systems.

Mario Party Island Tour won’t be releasing here in the UK until January 17th 2014, but fans in North America can get their hands on the game next Friday, November 22.

Source: YouTube.