Black Mesa Releasing On Steam, Using An Unannounced Valve Engine

Black Mesa, the Half Life remake, will be releasing on Steam with Valve’s full blessing as a low priced game. The announcement was made on the Black Mesa forum by Carlos Montero, the game’s project lead. However, this wasn’t the only big announcement that was made.

“Over the past year, we have spent a HUGE amount of time porting the game to a new engine and fixing hundreds of bugs. The work to port to the new engine was not because of the decision to go retail, this was work that had to be done to get Black Mesa onto Steam and support our future plans.”

One of the forum members asked if this was a Valve engine with the reply being, “Do you think we’d have a license agreement with Valve if we were on another engine?”


So this could be an updated version of the current Source engine, as that is what Black Mesa is built on, but there is the possibility the game could be using what could be Source 2. There’s no confirmation that the engine yet exists but it is likely, though it might not go by that name.

Other details were also announced in the post including an updated free version of the game, and plans to open source all the maps and a selection of the assets.

Source: Black Mesa forums (via)



  1. Yes! This has always looked great, good to see Valve behind it 100%.

  2. Never played a Half Life game so not interested in this, but a new Source engine would be awesome. I reckon we’ll hear something about it nearer the Steam OS + Machines release.

    • Half-Life games feel very dated now, even the recent episodes, but they’re so atmospheric, have great stories and are a good challenge. If you can get the first for less than a couple of quid in the sales you should give it a go, it’ll have you hooked from the eerily clever intro, you would definitely enjoy it :)

      • I’d like to give them a go at some point, do I need to play the first one or could I play HL2 which seems to be the one everyone talks about?

      • You could definitely dive straight in to number two, as long as you’ve read a plot summary from the first game there won’t be anything that confuses you. The first is a true classic though, it’s so moody and impressively clever. If you’re not getting a PS4 yet and can spare the time playing them all in order would be a good distraction for the winter, have a look at some old trailers and see what you think.

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