News Snatch: Final Fantasy X, Day Z Alpha Footage, And Cheap PS Vita

It looks like the big Christmas lull is almost upon us as there is not much filling in today’s Snatch, just lots of trailers begining with new footage from the jazzed up Final Fantasy X remakes which have been delayed until March in Europe.

If you missed out on those super cheap PS Vita deals last month, ShopTo have a PS Vita, Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet and a 16gb memory card for £139.


You will also get 30 days worth of PlayStation Plus for free.

Update: the price is now £159.85

Ten minutes of alpha footage from Day Z, including a lot of bugs.

It has been revealed that the PS4 is running a version of FreeBSD operating system along with OpenSSL, Protocol Buffers, Webkit, jQuery, and Lua.

Back to Final Fantasy but this is for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Next-gen trailers for NBA 2k14.

The Worms franchise celebrated it’s 18th birthday on Sunday and to celebrate the iOS version has had the price cut just 99p/$0.99/0,99 € from £2.99/$4.99/4,49 €, for a limited time only.

Time for some love for the 3DS, this is Attack on Titan: The Last Wings.

A launch trailer for Knack on PS4.

Namco Bandai UK have inadvertently highlighted why their games are popular with a certain demographic.

A clever chappy has tied his PS Vita to his mobile phone so he can play PS4 games remotely.

A launch trailer for X-Rebirth.

“If Doom Was Done Today”, the CoD: Ghosts edition.

And Finally, the out-takes from a recent interview with Damien Sandow. Nice work, Ibrahim!



  1. The hit detection on Day Z is pretty awful. Equally it sounds like the guy is riding a horse when he runs. But the lighting does look good. NBA 2K14 is one of my release games for PS4 it looks incredible. I cant believe that FFX is coming out next year, after they showed it off earlier this year, its a good job im keeping hold of my PS3.

  2. I was wondering about tethering and Vitas remote play. Although he gets LTE and faster ping than me my upload, download speeds are much higher. I know ping is the main factor in all here but I’m hoping it’ll work when I’m at work.

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