PS4 Camera Microphone Is Always On, Auto Broadcasts Game Chat

It seems that the only way to turn the PS4 Camera’s microphone off is to physically unplug the device – there’s no option to stop your voice being broadcast in-game if the camera is plugged in unless you turn on a headset and mute that, or join a party chat with no other players.

This is according to a poster on NeoGAF, who states “I was playing FIFA yesterday and after a few games I noticed the little speaker icon glowing during my matches, indicating that I was chatting online with the other player.”

“Well turns out the PS4 camera automatically broadcasts in game chat with no way to mute or turn this feature off. Yes, I even checked with Sony and the representative confirmed that there was no way to turn it off, short of unplugging the camera.”

A few other users back it up within the thread, so it’s a real issue. It’s really just an oversight, but a bad one at that, which almost mimics Microsoft’s “always on” Kinect policies which they backtracked on earlier this year.

Hopefully there’s a patch to fix this before the UK launch on November 29th.

Source: NeoGAF, via NowGamer



  1. This is very concerning, I was already planing to flip the camera over when im not using it so I cant be watched! now im definitely unplugging it!
    I hope they patch this soon.

  2. I miss Kevin Butler….

    VP of PS4 Camera Operations and NSA liaison

    I am sure terrorist play video games too. Only the NSA knows for sure.

  3. …waits for sony tweet saying’ wow, did’nt realise this would be an issue…we’are looking into how to adress this…’ followed by patch for something i’d never plan to use anyway.

    Meanwhile elsewhere online OMG!!! type stories and posts…(but hopefully not)/

    Hopefully by time PS4 does arrive in UK, all the flaws can be found, brought to Sony’s attention, get resolved and people can start to focus on the bloody games it has to offer.

    That’s what’s going to convince me to but one, the games…

  4. you’d think after the whole kinect privacy thing, they’d have realised people wouldn’t like a camera that’s always broadcasting what they say.

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