Out This Week: Super Mario 3D World, Killzone Shadow Fall & The PlayStation 4

The moment is almost here. In three days time many of you will have either queued up in the wet and cold or sat eagerly next to your front door in anticipation of the PS4’s arrival. It’s odd and strangely sad to think that, as of Friday, we’re unlikely to hear the term “next-gen” again for a few years, retiring the well-worn buzzword as we set sail into the unknown. Looking at this week’s release schedule, it’s a very exciting time indeed, even if you’re sitting out on all the next-gen goodness.

Super Mario 3D World | Wii U | Friday

Everybody’s favourite Italian plumber is at it again. In pursuit of stars, shrooms, and princesses, Mario and the gang are back in a new adventure, exclusively for the Wii U.


Following the same trend as Super Mario 3D Land, World has players exploring a clutch of vibrant, populated locales, stomping on Goombas and navigating through a series of puzzles and platforming sections. Bar the highly publicised Cat Suit and a number of Gamepad features, 3D World doesn’t deliver a ground-breaking experience and certainly fails to top the astounding Super Mario Galaxy 2.

With that said it’s still a Mario game and even now, after years of recycled concepts, that name alone equates to hours of fun.

Young Justice: Legacy | PS3, 360,3Ds, PC | Friday

Based on the popular TV animation series, Young Justice: Legacy lets players explore an alternate DC universe through the eyes of its under-aged crime-fighters.


Legacy is an action RPG in which you form a squad, choosing from twelve different, uniquely-powered super heroes. While in-game you gradually develop your stable of heroes with co-op brawling being the centre focus, not to mention a slew of DC cameos from the likes of Superman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.


Killzone Shadow Fall | PS4 | Friday

Shadow Marshals of Vekta, prepare to lock n’ load as we go head-to-head with the covert Helghan insurgents.

Killzone Shadow Fall looks to be exactly what you’d expect from Guerrilla Games and its flagship FPS series. A meaty multiplayer mode, lengthy campaign, and stunning visuals have always been the three core pillars of this exclusive franchise with Shadow Fall taking the bar up a notch.

Story-wise, things are a little different. Instead of leaping into pitched battles, you will assume the role of a Shadow Marshal, an operative who fights in the dark. Reviews haven’t been entirely positive but Shadow Fall will still undoubtedly appeal to a spread of PlayStation fans.

We’ll have our own review of the title soon.

Knack | PS4 | Friday

Even in an era of gritty, muted shooters and blockbuster action titles, the PlayStation brand will forever be known for its network of sublime, quirky platformers.

Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank; all names plucked from PlayStation history which, even after a decade or more, still hold-up nicely.

Developed by Sony Japan Studio, Knack doesn’t exactly follow the trend. It may feature a nonsensical story, platforming gameplay, and rich cartoon visuals yet doesn’t carry the same weight. Playing as Knack, you will join the humans as they go to war with futuristic Goblins, hammering your way through battles and navigating through puzzles. It looks fun albeit fairly simple and lacking in depth. Our review is on the way.

Blacklight: Retribution | PS4 | Friday

Here we go, the first up on a list of free-to-play launch titles. Sequel to the somewhat lukewarm Tango Down, Blacklight: Retribution is a futuristic online shooter that will certainly appeal to Call of Duty fans.


Currently available via Steam, Retribution features a slew of gameplay modes and refreshing features such as purchasable upgrades, mechs, and even a temporary x-ray/radar-like ability.

Customisation is also a huge part of the experience. Players can spend real money and in-game credit to kit out their soldier with a variety of loadouts, affording hundreds of cosmetic/playstyle combinations.

Contrast | PS4 | Friday

Developed by Compulsion Games, Contrast is one of the first digital downloads on the PlayStation Store.

You’ll play as a young detective, Dawn, who can transport between dimensional planes in order to solve a number of challenges. It may not make the most of the new PlayStation tech yet still comes across as quite the stunner, largely thanks to its robust art style.

DC Universe Online | PS4 | Friday

If you’ve yet to try SOE’s super-powered MMO, there’s no better time.

DC Universe Online for PlayStation 4 arrives at precisely the right moment, following a recent, comprehensive update.

Visually, the game has undergone an overhaul and, for a reduced price, players can access a string of premium expansions straight off the bat, unlocking numerous powers and bonus content.

The PlayRoom | PS4 | Friday

Plug in your brand-new PlayStation Eye, sit back, and enjoy a suite of camera-enabled games and features in The PlayRoom.

It’s nothing ground-breaking  yet establishes the updated tech and hopefully hints a bright future for Eye-enabled software and PlayStation Move. Keep an eye on TSA later today for a closer look at the PS Camera.

Resogun | PS4 | Friday

We have a lot of time for Finnish developer, Housemarque.

First they brought us the stunning Super Stardust HD, followed by Dead Nation, Outland, and now it’s latest title, Resogun. Fiendishly hard and visually compelling, its one of the PS4’s top-rated and most talked about games. No wonder.

Super Motherload | PS4 | Friday

Does exactly what it says on the tin, this one.

Take the existing, popular Motherload formula, whack in multiplayer, procedurally-generated content, and an arsenal of upgrades and there you have it: Super Motherload.

Warframe | PS4 | Friday

Rounding out our list is another free-to-play shooter. Though both set in futuristic, war-torn universes, Warframe and Blacklight are two completely different beasts.


In Warframe you play as one of the Tenno, an ancient race at war with the oppressive Grineer. With a gun in one hand a sword in the other, you and up to three players will shoot and slash your way through a network of challenges.

Over time you will also be able to developer your own Warframe, personalising your exoskeleton with special powers and abilities. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Finally, let’s not forget the collection of existing games making their way to the PlayStation 4 this Friday.

What are you planning on buying this week? Splashing out on a hoard of launch-day goodies or holding back? Decided to go for the Xbox One instead?



  1. Just 3 more sleeps! I’ve got Lego Marvel, CoD Ghosts and Killzone Shadowfall coming with my PS4. I also picked up £50 PSN credit (£30 from Blockbuster) so I may treat myself to a 4th game!

    Thankfully my wife is going out Friday night, and has kindly offered to take our boys out for the day with her friends on Saturday so I can play PS4! :)

    • Congratulations on marrying a very awesome woman!

      • Ha, thanks :) I’m defo boxing above my weight.

      • You’re welcome lol. Haven’t married mine yet, I should, she understands man needs game time as well lol. Got a kid en route for January so gaming time will lower a bit but I couldn’t think of a better reason for it :) can’t wait to show her how to hold a controller Lmao.

      • Congrats on your daughter! At least you should get plenty of gaming in during the Xmas break, before she arrives ;) I remember when my wife was pregnant with my first – she fell asleep every evening about 7pm….which meant I had loads of time to game! Part of the reason I’ve ordered Lego Marvel and the Mega Bundle (two controllers) is so I can play it with my son, he’s only recently turned 3 but it shouldn’t be underestimated what you can teach them – he has already mastered some awkward jumps in Mickey’s Castle of Illusion!

      • Thanks dude :) I’m dead excited, she’s my first, can’t wait, she’s going to be daddies little geek lol.

        You’re doing it right, teaching your boy to game early on lol. Did we just become best friends? Step Brothers ref lol, add me on PSN if ya want pal oldschool1987. You seem like a nice guy :)

      • It’s inevitable, I’m sure you’ll spoil her rotten! :)

        Indeed, I don’t want him to be addicted like me, but happy for him to play occasionally! Haha thanks, will do mate, I’ll add you later ;)

    • Lucky you.
      MY new wife organized with the photographers for our first viewing of the wedding photo’s
      So best I can do is picking it up on Sat morning.

      • NNOOOOOOOO! And if you try and rush her you’ll seem like the most insensitive person ever! Fingers crossed the photographer comes down with flu or something so you can postpone! ;)

      • Scythegpd – Do you still have the receipt for your wife? If you take her back to the vendor, you may be able to get a refund.

      • I tried raising the issue with the original manufacturer but her parents said they operate a no returns policy …

  2. PS4 out this week? Why has no one mentioned this?

  3. Don’t forget about the free to play “War Thunder” as well, and its cross platform with PC players (whether that is good or bad we will have to see).

  4. Got a lone PS4 coming on Friday. Will buy FIFA and AC4 from a supermarket.

  5. Just pre-paid for my PS4 package this morning in GAME. Got my raffle ticket and counting the seconds now. Cant believe its nearly here. Its been a long wait since June’s announcement

  6. Friday can’t come soon enough.

    I’m looking forward to when my grandsons come to stay on Saturday. The oldest always brings his 360 with him. I will look at him with disgust, and say “oh, but the 360 is soooo last gen!” before letting him watch me play killzone. Mean streak, me? Never! :)

    • You’re one cruel Grandfather lol

  7. My anticipation for Killzone has been tempered a bit by some of the poor reviews but i’m still looking forward to it – Resogun first though.Still haven’t decided between ACIV and NFSR as my other day one retail game.

  8. I have a solo ps4 coming this Friday. I’m looking forward to play Resogun and Contrast, and try the Free2Play games.

    I’m taking Friday off and my wife and daughter are visiting the grandparents the Saturday. Can’t wait!

    I’m not into FPS and I hated AC3, so I’m not sure what to get in one/two weeks time. Looking forward to see what people are playing and liking more.

    • I hated AC3 too. But AC4 has won me back. Great game

  9. Killzone, Resogun, Contrast and Mario 3D for me come Friday!

    Resogun and Mario 3D are the two I’m most looking forward to playing, though I’ve got a couple of friends getting launch day PS4 with Killzone so looking forward to some online action :D

  10. Mario is the only real choice here.

    • As my grandsons like to say “you are dead to me!” :P

      My oldest usually says it when I play Uncharted or The Last Of Us, and tell him it’s a shame the 360 can’t match my PS3 for graphics, and my youngest says it every time I insult Fulham (well, if you are going to support such an awful team, you need a thick skin, so it’s a life lesson for him).

      So you’re in good company :)

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