Another Character Returns For The Walking Dead: Season 2

After a brief bit of teasing, Telltale Games has confirmed that another character from The Walking Dead will return in Season 2. Just so you know, there are spoilers ahead.

Thought hardly the most memorable survivor from the original game, Omid -who players first meet in Chapter 3- managed to walk away from the grand finale relatively unscathed. Here’s the first screenshot of him in Season 2 alongside a slighter older, and more savvy Clementine.



Along with girlfriend, Christa, Omid broke off from Lee and the crew at the end of Chapter 5, when things really start coming to a head. Somewhat foreshadowing the final act, Lee tells the couple to find a way out of the city and look after Clementine.

As those who have completed Season One will know – SPOILER ALERT – , Clementine manages to outrun her sadistic captor and the zombie horde, though only after having to kill an infected Lee. The game ends with her running fleeing the city and running into the wilderness, spotting two silhouettes on the horizon.

Though Telltale hasn’t confirmed it, there’s a good chance these two distant figures were in fact Omid and Christa.\

Season Two is due to kick off later this month with “All That Remains” launching on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. iOS and Vita versions have yet to be announced.



  1. Looking forward to it

  2. Great game, I’ll wait and get it on the Vita though :)

  3. Good girl. Keeping her hair short. :-)

  4. Can’t wait for this – hopefully as good as the first season!

  5. Definitely be getting this, loved 1st game. The dlc wasn’t too bad either.

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