The Walking Dead: Season 2 Release Date Leaks Via Steam

Are you looking forward to more The Walking Dead? Well the wait is almost over. The Walking Dead: Season 2 was already penned in for a December start, with Telltale’s usual episodic releases, but we didn’t know the release date.

However, Steam have now gone and listed the game for release on the 17th of December, less than two weeks from now, with the full season set at £18.99, with a 10% discount for pre-ordering. It does seem quite a plausible date, but there’s no word from Telltale themselves just yet, so it’s worth maybe taking this with a pinch of salt.


Elsewhere in Telltale news, though, last night saw the release of The Wolf Among Us on iOS, as they also work towards getting the second episode of this well received new series out of the door. As we reported yesterday, we should expect to hear news of when TWAU’s second episode is to launch at some point today.

UPDATE: Oh, forget about TWAU news. They basically just say that it won’t be out until next year. Sad faces all round.



  1. I really enjoyed the first one on the Vita, I’ll wait for that release.

  2. Lovely news on all fronts but I think I’ll wait for a few episodes to come out first so we can blast through them properly. I can’t stand waiting for episodic content to appear. It’s not so much the impatience as it is the emotional attachment waning.

    • Think I might do the same this time. I played the first season as each episode came out, only to have the corrupt save bug happen when it installed episode 5, so I lost all my progress. :(

      • Oh hell, fella! That must’ve been heartbreaking. Not cool.

  3. It’d be great if they announced a PS4 version but Im guessing issues using PS3 saves for previous decisions might be an issue? One can only hope I guess…

    • Actually, it sounds very reasonable and the PS3 saves that are on the cloud would be processable, I’m sure.

      • Cloud save, totally forgot about that. Hopefully they make it happen!

  4. gonna wait for this on Vita

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