Hello Games Developing No Man’s Sky

Procedurally generated exploration game.

Hello Games previously worked on Joe Danger, but their new title, No Man’s Sky, looks like something on a much bigger scale. It features procedural environments and seems like a huge game, in which you can explore planets.

As you can see in the trailer above, you can explore these worlds by foot, by swimming, or even by flying into space. It’s all about exploration, and the environments are huge, so you can explore mountains miles away or visit entire other solar systems.

It looks quite incredible and also features combat, either in the ships or on foot. Whether it’s always online wasn’t answered, though the Universe is said to be shared.

For a game developed by the four people at Hello Games, this is incredibly ambitious.

Source: YouTube


  1. This looks amazing, I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the back story for this and if there is an overall goal or if it’s just about pure exploration.

  2. This trailer has quite literally stunned me. It looks simply amazing, and has quite firmly placed itself amongst my most anticipated games. I have to say, the scale of this game and the space combat in particular might even give this an edge over Destiny!

  3. This was a rare glimmer of quality in an absolutely dire VGX show. No wonder they took it off live TV in the US!

  4. Looks refreshing, this is definitely on my to watch list.

  5. Video is private… :’-(

  6. Love the style, It reminds me of old skool Sci-Fi book covers…..

  7. Looks really ambitious, hope it can live up to the trailer.

  8. Wow looks great – a little reminiscent of Spore, but with a different angle.

  9. It looks fantastic – I wonder whether there’s going to be any Elite-esque trading in there?

  10. Holy crap… Four people are making this?! I seriously cannot wait! It’s like first-person Kerbal Space Program… Sort of…

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