News Snatch: Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars And Monty Python

Greetings one and all, some interesting bits of news today and we begin with a nice video recap of gaming in 2013 in two minutes.

Over the last three weeks has had Fallout fans in a frenzy as it teased Fallout 4. Many sites ran the news and covered the regular updates to the puzzles but TSA News Team looked at and decided it was fake which is why we have not mentioned it.

Our Spidey-sense turned out to be spot on as over the last few days it was revealed to be a hoax by someone called DCHoaxer who admitted “I know I’m a douche.”

Ethan: Meteor Hunter sold just 127 units on PC, “Unfortunately we are not allowed to say anything about PlayStation 3 sales, but we are not happy with them at all either, so it doesn’t seem to be a platform problem,” say the devs.

They have asked for some feedback as to why the game did not sell, so if you have any thoughts post them in the comments.

Sony Pictures have registered 3 Sonic the Hedgehog movie domains, and they seem to be legit registrations rather than the hoaxes that have been plaguing news pages the past few weeks.

Music Unlimited now allows you to stream and play music whilst running other apps on the PS Vita.

Anyone care to guess what 2K are up to?

Very Important News: I was the top scorer in two consecutive games of Killzone Shadow Fall last night, and then came in second place on the third game. Huzzah!

CEX have stepped in and given the muppet who paid £450 for a picture of an Xbox One an actual Xbox One console, thus rewarding his stupidity with a cynical marketing grab.

A rather blurry off screen shot of Triad Wars, the sequel to Sleeping Dogs, on PS4.

An interview with Sheldon Carter, one of the creators of Warframe.

EA’s Origin Humble Bundle has paid out a staggering $1.65 million to American Cancer Society, the company refused to take any profits from the bundle sales and gave all proceeds to charity.

In total the sale raised $10.5 million which will be split between the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and GamesAid.

Project Ascender is a next-gen game for PS4 and PC from Interceptor Entertainment, the team’s previous work includes an iOS port of Duke Nukem. Maybe it’s a game in which you play a grandma on a stair lift?

Dear lord, more Strider screens? Really? How many are they going to churn out before the game is released? This latest batch shows Mecha Pon, a giant ape Hiryu fights in an ice cave.

“We have been discussing what we’d like to do with the Just Cause IP in the future, but it’s too early to talk about it just yet,” said Avalanche Studios head Christofer Sundberg.

I rather enjoyed Just Cause 2 when it was on PS+ a while back, a spanky new next-gen version would go down a treat.

And Finally, a classic Monty Python song recreated in the world of Starbound.


  1. What mode was you playing on KZ Tuff? Must been playing by yourself to come up top :p

    • 1) Cheeky bugger
      2) 24 PLayer warzone
      3) It was a full match
      4) The second game in which I came 1st was broadcast on Twitch, there are witnesses to my awesomeness :)

  2. “Very Important News: I was the top scorer in two consecutive games of Killzone Shadow Fall last night, and then came in second place on the third game. Huzzah!”

    ^ Congrats! I haven’t tried MP yet, need to finish Ghosts first since I figured going Killzone>CoD would be a step backwards.

    Regarding that free Xbox One, I wondered if that was a scheme by that chap, knowing he’d get a free Xbox from someone…who buys their 4-year old an Xbox One, how about a bike or something where he’s not stuck in front of the TV?

  3. I had a wee chuckle to myself while watching that last video. It was mental. :)

  4. The loss they made on the XB1 would have been better going to paying for surgery to prevent the guy from ever having kids. Especially after he admitted he read that the description said it was a “photo” but bought it anyway. Moron.

  5. I would LOVE a new Just Cause game. The first was good but the second was an absolute masterpiece. One of the most crazy fun games I’ve ever played and well up there with SR3 and GTA5 for all out fun in a snadbox.

    I hope they make a PS4/general next gen version, I will buy the shit out of that

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