Full Trailer For The Walking Dead Season Two, Launching This Month

The Walking Dead Season Two will launch this month for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC/Mac and iOS. While no specific dates for all platforms have been confirmed, the Steam pre-order suggests that the first episode – All That Remains – will launch on December 17th. That’s next week.

Telltale have released a full trailer for the episode, which appears to include various returning characters, though may contain a light sprinkling of spoilers. All of your choices will carry over if you continue playing on the same platform.


Season Two will continue the story of Clementine months later, who must seek safety and survive in a infected and desolate world. Assuming the role of her, you’ll have to use your wits as she’ll no longer have the brawn of Lee to protect her.

I’m very excited, are you? If this is anything like the first season – or Telltale’s recent efforts with The Wolf Among Us – then it’s going to be very good indeed.

There’s still no word on a PS4, Xbox One or PS Vita release, however.



  1. I’m soooo excited for this me and my girlfriend played the first one together and we loved it! Highly recommend everyone who hasn’t to play the first before this comes out!

    • Sam here, fella. My girlfriend and I loved the first season. Stunning game.

      Might wait an episode or two before diving into this. Feels better playing them in quick succession.

  2. I’ve started to watch the tv series and gonna pick up the first game on the Vita in the next couple of weeks

  3. As I played the last one on the vita I’m going to wait as I’d like to carry over my save and choices I made… Hope they don’t take to long making it :/

  4. Im a huge fan of the tv show but i’m yet to play this game! I realise it’s a seperate storyline.

    Not going to watch this trailer though or it might ruin series1.

    • Yeah, don’t even read the above! lol.

    • The series is awesome, TV show that is, wasn’t big on season 3 ending but season 4 though man I can’t wait till it resumes back after new year

  5. I need to replay the first on my ps3 (as opposed to iOS) in preparation! Very excited about this.

  6. Spoiler alert much?
    I loved the first game. Got this on preorder for PC to continue my save. I hope it does come out on next week and isn’t just a made up release date for the sake of getting a date up for the preorders.

    • Agreed. The article needs a nice bold heading just before “Season Two will continue the story of…” As that’s a massive giveaway as oppose to some light stuff in the trailer.

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